Why the U.S. is the Most Preferred Destination for Kids to Study?

Parents with higher levels of education have higher involvement in children’s education. According to the latest report of HSBC, the U.S. is the most preferred destination by parents for the education of their children.

In the recent survey, nearly 48% of the parents ranked U.S. as the top destination, followed by the U.K. and Australia, among the list of 50 countries when it comes to send their children abroad for education. U.S. topped the list even when it has the most expensive universities with an average of US$33,215 as annual tuition fees, followed by Canada with US$30,518.

Why are U.S. universities preferred?

The U.S. is dominating the globe by being the most preferred destination by parents for their children’s education. But have you ever wonder why this is so? Here are some answers to this question:

  1. Due to the country’s high reputation for higher education programs, students choose to study in the U.S. completing higher education with a reputed institution will distinguish you from your peers. U.S. universities are constantly working to evolve their classrooms and strategies to attract students internationally.
  2. United States allows you to be a part of groundbreaking research as the U.S. is leading in many areas of technology and research. These universities provide a large number of laboratories which can get you involved with fields like black hole studies and climate change etc. through various workshops, orientations, and pieces of training for plenty of students internationally.
  3. According to Allan Goodman, President, and CEO of the Institute of International Education, “Students and parents consider a university education in the USA as a good investment because they access to the widest choice of excellent colleges and universities.” 

Although Us is mostly preferred as the best destination to study, Germany topped the criteria of quality of education, quality of job and quality of life with the score of 13.3 out of 15 followed by Singapore(12.95), Canada(12.9), and Japan(12.9) in the top four.  Germany is at its peak since it offers high-quality education with no tuition fees and affordable living costs.

Top universities in the U.S.

Below is the list of some universities with top-ranking within the U.S. as well as globally.

  • The University of Michigan is one of the top universities with 20th rank globally. It offers a variety of courses for international students. It is loaded with heavy research centers, and the university’s comprehensive graduate program offers doctoral degrees in the humanities and social sciences as well as professional degrees such as law, nursing, and social work, etc.
  • Harvard University in Cambridge scored a top spot on U.S. News’ ranking of global universities. It is the oldest college in the United States. It is famous for its financial aid and alumni, which the university can provide in part. It has an enrollment of 20,595 with 5,353 international students.
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology is the number one university. It is one of the leading universities in the world. It offers a wide range of programs. It has approximately 3,484 international students. It is working to make the world better than before through educations, research, and innovation. It is profoundly global.
  • Stanford University, California, U.S. is university is governed by a Board of Trustees and Faculty Senate and supported by numerous offices. It is leading the world with new ideas and discoveries. It offers an excellent range.

Here, Charlie Nunn, Global Head of Wealth Management at HSBC, advised parents to save and “overcome financial barriers and unlock the extra opportunities they wish for their child.” Today there are 4.5 million students who enrolled in universities out of their homes in the U.S.