Why Study Engineering in The US? 5 Incredible Reasons

When choosing a country of study, the US is frequently the obvious choice for engineering students.

According to US News, the engineering field in the US is flourishing. And as many as 62% of all foreign graduates enrolling in US colleges are taking engineering courses.

In the US, engineering and STEM-related research opportunities and funding are simply unmatched in scope and quantity. That’s not all, though.

Learn more about the most convincing arguments in the following paragraphs as to why so many engineering students today prefer to begin their careers in the US rather than other potential locations.

1. Specialize! 

In the US, engineering students are frequently required to choose a specialty fairly early on in their study cycle. Undoubtedly, some colleges provide a greater variety of specializations than others.

The University of Arizona is one of the top engineering institutions in the US. Provides up to 14 engineering degrees. Including ones in environmental, aerospace, biosystems, chemical, and optical sciences.

So, regardless of your goals, you’ll be asked to focus on what actually interests you by the third semester. 

2. Boost your potential for employment following graduation  

You must take every possible step to improve the value of your CV if you want to succeed in the competitive graduate job market of today. However, the US engineering industry is booming, and there are plenty of chances for specialist graduates to enter the field!

Many prestigious global corporations, including American Express, Apple, and even Amazon, have headquarters in Arizona and frequently hire engineers. 

3. Make use of cutting-edge tools and receive mentorship from eminent scholars 

In terms of the engineering industry and research, the US is at the forefront. Studying in the US may be the ideal choice for you if you enjoy using cutting-edge high-tech equipment and would prefer to learn from leading experts in your industry.

For instance, the University of Arizona carries out cutting-edge research in the fields of advanced manufacturing and materials, biomedical systems and devices, military and homeland security, and sustainability and infrastructures.

There are now over 100 difficult projects being worked on by academic members and students at the university, which spends US$28 billion annually on them. Hundreds of engineering undergraduates are working in the university’s labs.

4. Increase the possibility of your earnings  

This is most likely the strongest argument on the list. US-based engineers typically make substantially more money than engineers in other nations.

PayScale reports that the average engineer income in the US is US$76,061. Which is higher than the salaries of US$64,000 in Germany, US$42,000 in the UK, and US$15,000 in China!The University of Arizona’s engineering students who intern there make, on average, $20.18 per hour, which takes us to our next point. 

5. After completing your engineering course, you can apply for a job in the US  

The US government permits businesses to hire foreign workers in “specialty areas” like engineering as long as they have an undergraduate degree from a recognized US institution.

You would be given permission to work in the US for a term of six years on a non-immigrant H-1B visa. Of course, you would need to locate a company willing to sponsor you. But compared to the process of applying for a Green Card. This approach is typically shorter and more preferred by engineering students. 

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