Why and Where Students Choose Stem Degrees

Every 5 in 10 students want to study abroad and settle for a stable career in their field of study. One of the most lucrative careers in the present times is STEM. The STEM degrees are growing in popularity. In this guide, you’ll get a basic idea of what a STEM degree represents and why and where students choose them the most. 

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What is a Stem Degree?

STEM is an abbreviation used for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. STEM graduates are in high demand across all industries and specialization. This interdisciplinary field helps students acquire the skills that help them in becoming researchers, engineers, computer scientists, etc. These prime skills include problem-solving, research and analysis, as well as critical thinking. So, all the students with sheer interest in the science and tech sector must study STEM and settle for a good career resort. The average annual salary of a STEM bachelor’s graduate is 66, 123 USD/Year. 

Why Study STEM?

  • STEM offers students the ability to work with fast-paced technology
  • Study with like-minded students
  • A hands-on approach to teaching with good job settlement
  • Develop communication skills and adaptability, research
  • Numerous job opportunities and higher salaries 

Types of Stem Degrees

Here are various types of stem degrees that you must consider for choosing one for yourself. 

Stem Bachelors in Science 

Science is a broad field with multiple sub-categories in it. Science degrees recognized as STEM are physics, chemistry, biology, biochemistry, and statistics.

Jobs Opportunities for Science STEM Majors

If you have complete Bachelor’s in STEM, the best career prospects are:- 

  • Medical Scientist – This scientist analyses causes of diseases with a starting salary of 31,000 USD/year. 
  • Chemist – Analyses molecules and develops new products with a starting salary of 39,000 USD/year. 
  • Biologist – Studies organisms and their relationship with the environment with the starting salary of 34,000 USD/year. 
  • Clinical Research 
  • Biological Technician

 STEM Bachelor’s in Technology 

The field of technology connects to Engineering. If you finish Bachelor’s of STEM in technology, the best career options are:- 

Jobs Opportunities for Technology STEM Majors

  • Software Developer – Develops programmers for companies with a starting salary is 49,000 USD/year. 
  • Systems Analyst – This helps improve the IT systems and develop strategies with a starting salary of 45,000 USD/year. 
  • UX Designer – Improves user experience by making sites easy to navigate with a starting salary of 48,000 USD/year. 
  • Network Architect 
  • Big Data Analyst

STEM Bachelors in Engineering 

Studying Engineering is turning ideas into practical applications. STEM has 20 specializations with main subjects like math’s and science. Undergraduate degrees labelled as STEM are Civil engineering, Aerospace engineering, Electrical engineering, Electronics, etc. Engineering improves systems, machines, processes, and materials. 

Jobs Opportunities for Engineering STEM Majors

  • Civil Engineer – Works in the service of cities, constructing or supervising, etc., with the starting salary of 49,000 USD/year. 
  • Mechanical Engineer – Mechanical engineer makes and maintains power-generating machines, engines, generators, and gas turbines—their starting salary of 51,000 USD/year. 
  • Engineering Consultant – Provides independent expertise and advice on engineering projects with a starting salary of 57,000 USD/year. 
  • Aerospace Engineer 
  • Petroleum Engineer 

 STEM Bachelor’s in Mathematics 

Mathematics is an evergreen career option. A bachelor’s degree in mathematics will help you settle for a lot of successful career fields such as:-

  • Accountant – Responsible for keeping a record of balance sheets for organizations with starting salary of 37,000 USD/year. 
  • Economist – Research and analyze economic issues, processing economic data using mathematical models with a starting salary of 44,000 USD/year. 
  • Actuary – You’ll use mathematical models to assess the financial costs of risks with a starting salary of $50,000/year.
  • Statistician – Interprets and summarizes numerical data with a starting salary of 49,000 USD/year. 

Where Most Students Choose STEM Degrees?

According to the UNESCO Institute for statistics, the tertiary students in Oman and Tunisia graduate in a STEM field. Out of the total students, the ones likely to graduate in a STEM field lies between 43 and 46 per cent receiving a degree in engineering or a scientific, technical, or mathematical field. In India, almost 32 % of students pick STEM as their career. According to the World Economic Forum, China produced 4.7 million STEM graduates a year. Then, the U.S. government counted 1.6 million Chinese science and engineering graduates in 2014. 

Other countries with high STEM graduates are Germany, Singapore, Malaysia, Algeria, etc.