Which Occupations Are Affected by COVID 19 | Students’ Guide

COVID-19 outbreak has shut down all the schools along with several other services. Around 1.2 billion students are in self-isolation thinking about when will they enjoy their old lifestyle again? Or Do they have to live like this forever? Well, we don’t know what will happen next. But all we know is some occupations will change their style in the future and education is one of them. So we will discuss here how COVID 19 is hitting the education sector and changing our learning techniques. But let us first know which occupations are hit by the coronavirus pandemic other than the education sector.


The statistic shows the unemployment rate in several occupations in the US. Among all occupations, service occupations have the highest unemployment rate of 27.1%. Now you must be thinking, what are these service occupations? Service occupations are those who provide service to an organization or people. For example, firefighters, police force, housekeepers, and several others, likewise. Thus all these sectors are facing the highest unemployment.

Furthermore, the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics published the latest data of labor. According to which, the second in the list of unemployment is construction and extraction occupations. Taking about these occupations, they were expected to grow 10% faster than the average of other occupations from 2018 to 2028. But these occupations are facing an unemployment rate of 18.9% due to coronavirus pandemic. Many industries are growing even during this pandemic situation. Let’s discuss them.


How Education Sector Facing Pandemic?

The education sector has completely turned into remote learning or say online learning. During the outbreak of pandemic coronavirus, the education sector has been accelerated. This sector is taking all the safety measures to protect students and staff from pandemic from social distancing to online learning. Thus it completely transformed the traditional teaching and learning style. As the virus spread, universities and schools are using applications like Zoom or Skype for online learning. Likewise, there is an increasing demand for these types of applications.  

Also, several highly valued edtech companies that are providing free learning courses and educational services. For example, Coursera, edx, Udemy, Homework Minutes, Call Tutors, and many others. Thus they are growing well. Meanwhile, some schools are also forming partnerships to offer local broadcasts with separate channels like BBC, Discovery, etc.


Although there are some challenges faced by the sector, students without stable internet connections are finding digital learning hard. This situation is creating a huge gap between countries. According to OECD data, only 95% of students, Norway, Switzerland, and Australia have computers that they can use for school work. However, this percentage is quite low in Indonesia, with only 34% of students having computers.


Health Sector accelerates Due to COVID 19

The health sector, which is already a growing sector before coronavirus pandemic, is now growing much faster than before. As COVID 19 continues to spread, it is like a wakeup call for some countries to invest in the health care sector. Washington’s health care systems are continuously expanding. As large stadiums are turning into convention centers, it requires more healthcare workers too.


The healthcare situation in New York is also somehow critical. Although they have a large concentration of doctors, specialists, and other health care professionals, still there is they require more people to handle the situation. If we have to deal with the pandemic in the future, then also we’ll require more health care professionals along with resources in the future.