Where Foreign Students Face the Highest University Fees?

The dream of every student is to get access to the best possible education to mend their careers positively. Students always try to gain admission to the best universities across the globe. There are many places where international students face high university fees. All the factors of different countries accumulate towards the difference in the charges of various universities.

Factors resulting in high university fees and expenses have different levels in different countries. Some countries have a high cost of living and minimum levels of tuition fees, whereas other countries can have less cost of living and a very high amount of tuition fees. It all depends on the culture of different countries and the development of countries as well.

Students and Parents need to plan the level of expenses, and also the investment capacity in terms of studying at foreign universities needs to be taken into consideration by them beforehand. Analyzing each and everything and planning well helps in saving funds for the upcoming crucial stages.

According to HSBC, the United States has the highest average annual fees for international students of any country worldwide – $24,914. Tuition fees are much lower in Asia. The expenses and costs of living are minimum in Malaysia.

HSBC performed research about how much international students have to bear in monetary terms in different countries. This research helps the students to decide about where they can get their higher education according to their pocket levels. The students can accommodate by analyzing the level of expenses and plan accordingly in advance to secure their future.

Research by HSBC Enlightens the Following Facts

The research by HSBC gives us an overview of the countries in a chronological manner from the most expensive countries for higher education to the least expensive countries.

U.S, UK, and Australia are the most expensive destinations for international education. According to HSBC, The United States is the most expensive all around the world. The second most expensive country is Australia. Australia has the highest entries of foreign individuals for higher education. They account for 20% of international students. The cost of living is much higher in Australia, which makes the expenses level of students in the UK and Australia almost at the same level.

Singapore, Hong Kong, and Canada offer excellent education levels for international students. The cost of living is much lower as compared to other high-end countries. The people in these countries are hostile, and they have experienced teachers in their universities for excellent levels of education. Students can enjoy low levels of cost of living and tuition fees in these countries.

Countries in Asia offer education at minimum levels of cost of living and tuition fees. Accumulated expenses of international students in the countries in the Asian subcontinent are at a much lower level and can be managed by the students easily.

Average Annual University Fees for International Students in Selected Countries in 2014

United States– $24,194

Australia– $24,081

United Kingdom– $21,365

Singapore– $18,937

Canada– $16,746

Hong Kong– $13,444

Indonesia– $4,378

China– $3,844

Taiwan– $3,338

Malaysia– $2,453.

These researches have been performed by the experts at HSBC for different countries by analyzing the expenses level of the international students studying there. The students who wish to study in these countries can plan accordingly using the data and make way for a better future.