U.S. Private Universities Are the Most Expensive Option

U.S. Private Universities Are the Most Expensive Option For International Students

The United States has been the favorite destination for international students studying abroad. The trend of drop in new enrollments by international students in the session of 2015-16. American Universities saw a decline of 6.6 percent in 2017-18. The Universities have faced a lot of criticism from various magazines and journals like ‘The Washington Post’ and ‘The Wall Street Journal.’ President Trump has also faced criticism for his harsh policies that lead to a decline in overseas demand of universities.

The Countries sending the most students to the U.S in chronological order are China, India, South Korea, Saudi Arabia, Canada, and Vietnam. Students also come in the U.S from some 200 countries across the globe. Enrollment growth has significantly seen a fall since the year 2016 and is on track to see an enormous downfall. Though the growth is stagnated and seeing a defeat, still the total enrollments are substantially higher than they were a decade ago.

The Downfall is nothing new and has been seen in the past as well. The years of 2003-04 saw a fall of more than 8 percent but revived in the following years. Taking the situation of 2003-04 into consideration, the growth is expected to shoot up in a year or two. An alarming factor for the universities in the U.S is the demographic decline in China and an increase in the quality of institutions throughout Asia. This implies there are not as many students in international countries.

A mild recession in terms of international students studying in the U.S is on the cards. The Pricing of the U.S Private Universities is on a quite high level, which is heavily impacting the decision of students. The other reasons include harsh regime on visa and apparent diminution of American’s appeal in many countries. Though the visa situation can be directly imposed on President Trump, other things need to be taken into view by the University Officials.

The U.S Private Universities are charging almost double the fees than universities in other countries. If we compare the standards of faculty and teachers, other universities are giving a fierce competition to U.S Private Universities and a higher degree of options for international students. 

U.S Public Universities charges approximately 25000 Dollars Tuition Fees as compared to 35000 Dollars in the U.S Private Universities. Australian and New Zealand’s Universities are charging 24000 Dollars Tuition Fees for high-quality education. The United Kingdom costs 23000 Dollars annually for graduation, and students can study in Canada at a much lower price than all the above countries. Canada offers higher education in universities in less than 20,000 Dollars.