Top Universities In New York That Students Can Consider

In addition to Lady Liberty, Wall Street, and other famous landmarks, New York City is home to a number of top-notch universities.

The QS World University Rankings: USA 2021 lists 13 of them. As seen by its ranking of 19th in the most recent QS Best Student Cities, they make New York City one of the most well-liked study locations in the world.

Best 9 Universities in  USA

Here is a list of New York City’s best institutions based on the most recent USA rankings to assist you. In making your decision about where you might want to attend college.

1. Columbia University 

The finest institution in New York City this year is Columbia University. Which is now ranked seventh in the QS World University Rankings: USA 2021.

US President Barack Obama is among its prominent alumni. It is a member of the elite Ivy League. Columbia University is a research powerhouse with an extensive curriculum. Covering a whole range of subjects.

In the Upper West Side of Manhattan, Columbia University is conveniently located near the northern end of Central Park and just off Broadway. The street bears the name of New York’s renowned theater district.

It has the third-largest international student enrollment of any US university. With 36% of its 33,032 students coming from abroad. And a faculty that is exceptionally diversified (nearly 4,200 academic staff).

2. New York University (NYU)  

New York University (NYU), is another of the top colleges in New York City that is regarded among the best in the world. Is currently ninth in the USA after moving up two spots this year.

With numerous satellite campuses around the globe and a noteworthy study abroad program. New York University places a significant emphasis on internationalization.

The large student body at NYU includes a sizable number of foreign students.

Despite having numerous campuses in New York, NYU’s main campus is in Greenwich Village in Washington Square. This Lower Manhattan neighborhood, known as “the Village,” is renowned as one of New York City’s most artistic and bohemian locale. Providing a terrific environment for NYU students.

The institution has drawn a diverse range of writers, musicians, artists, and intellectuals to study in New York over the years. Which is a big draw for many artistically inclined students.

3. Cornell University  

Currently, Cornell University is ranked 12th overall and third in NYC. It is a part of the prestigious Ivy League and provides a variety of academic and professional courses.

Cornell Institution holds the distinction of being the first US university to teach contemporary Far-Eastern languages. Cornell University is also known for being the first US university to provide a degree in veterinary medicine.

Although Cornell University’s main campus is located in Ithaca, around 200 miles to the northwest of New York City. The university is well-represented there as well. Its medical complex is located in Manhattan’s Upper East Side.

The university launched the ground-breaking “Cornell Tech” engineering campus on Roosevelt Island in September 2017, resulting in the creation of 28,000 employees. The architecture and financial engineering schools of Cornell University are both located in Manhattan.

4. Fordham University 

Fordham University proclaims itself the Jesuit University of New York and specializes in liberal arts, sciences, and business. Fordham University is ranked 121-130 in the QS World University Rankings: USA 2021.

Ten colleges make up Fordham University; four are for undergrads and six are for graduate students. With two major sites in New York City, the Rose Hill campus in the Bronx and Lincoln Center in Manhattan, as well as a much smaller campus in West Harrison, some 25 miles north of Manhattan, these enroll roughly 15,000 students overall.

5. Baruch College  

Baruch College is ranked between 151 and 160 in the USA rankings. Takes joint sixth position in New York City this year.

The school is well known for having one of the most ethnically diverse student populations in the USA. With more than 19,500 students attending from approximately 168 different countries.

With its convenient location, Baruch College is close to Wall Street, Midtown. And the global headquarters of numerous multinational organizations. facilitating the city’s internship search for students.

6. CUNY Hunter College 

CUNY Hunter College is ranked 151–160 and is tied for sixth place in NYC. About 23,000 students attend Hunter College, which is located in Manhattan in the center of New York City.

More than 170 programs are available at Hunter College, including everything from anthropology and adolescent education to nursing, urban affairs, women’s studies, and Arabic.

The programs provide a strong emphasis on research and artistic creativity while highlighting the value of diversity.

7. Pace University 

Pace University – New York is ranked 161–170 in the United States. Pace University was established in 1906 as a one-room accounting school but has since expanded to three campuses in Westchester County and New York City.

Around 13,000 students are enrolled in more than 150 majors and programs.

The liberal arts and sciences are prioritized heavily at Pace University, with a concentration on the integration of theory and practice.

8. Yeshiva University 

Yeshiva University, ranked 161–170 in the USA, is one of the best research-oriented universities in New York. It was established more than a century ago with the goal of fusing Jewish customs and culture with Western heritage. The Yeshiva University Museum, which examines Jewish life through art, architecture, and history, shows the ongoing impact of this cultural focus.

Yeshiva University’s main campus is in the Washington Heights neighborhood of Upper Manhattan, but it also has campuses and facilities located in the Bronx, Queens, and Manhattan.

9. CUNY Queens College 

In our ranking of the best colleges in New York City, CUNY Queens College comes in at number nine. 191-200 are listed in the USA. There are about 18,500 students enrolled, who represent more than 170 nations.

Around 80 acres make up the CUNY Queens College campus, while certain classes are also held in off-campus sites throughout New York City. Only about 500 students live on campus; the majority commute.

CUNY takes pride in its close ties to the city’s neighborhoods and offers a network of fellowship and internship programs throughout the five boroughs to enhance the academic experience. For more rich blogs, visit Online Course Fact.