Top Interior Design Colleges in the United States | Overview

An education in interior design is getting more and more necessary for aspiring professionals. If you’re thinking of becoming an interior designer, you’ll want to find the top interior design colleges in the United States. In many countries, you can’t call yourselves an interior designer if you don’t have a proper education or an official license. Formal education is becoming important in the profession of interior design. Certain colleges included in this list are recognized by the Council for the Interior Design Accreditation. They are included to meet the highest standards of interior design education. Let’s get to know about interior design.

Interior designing is a profession that involves inspection of the site, planning space, and executing in a beautiful way. An interior design program requires to provide rigorous training to its students and providing internship opportunities. Now let’s get to the list of interior designing colleges.

List of Top Interior Design colleges

Finding top interior design colleges is not easy. We aim to make sure that you receive the most accurate list of top interior design colleges in the United States. Here is the list of top 10 colleges:

The New York School of Interior Design

It is the only college that specializes in interior design education solely. The NewYork school is ranked #1 as an interior design college in the USA. The colleges offer a degree in BFA to their students. Around 98% of students from the college find a job within six months of their degree. The top-ranking of the college suggests strong faculty, the best networking, and post-graduation opportunities. Above all, it also provides a non-degree certificate program to help in building up your portfolio. The tuition fee is around $350 for enrollment plus $1060 per credit.

Parsons School of Design

The college boasts a well-developed network in commerce and industry. It is a good option for those students who wish to pursue commercial design. The degree offered by the college is BFA, and the tuition fee is around $25,230 per full semester. The Parsons ranks #2 in the list of top interior design colleges in the USA. It is because the college states a special focus on collaborative work, which means the opportunity to work in groups. The collaborative work takes place between the students of different degree programs. An interior designer requires working with many types of professionals, and this makes them prepared or the future.

Pratt Institute

Pratt institute ranked #3 by Design Schools Hub. In other words, if you want to get a job after graduation, then you must check Pratt Institute. Almost 100% of students found jobs after graduation in 2015. The program costs around $52,000 per year for full-time students. Like other colleges, Pratt boasts a top-rated graduate program for interior design. Almost 100% of the graduate who applied to graduate college were accepted in at least one program.

Rhode Island School of Design

One of the most famous well-ranked arts schools situates in the Providence of the United States. The interior design major is known as interior design at Rhode Island. The providence is home to one of the highest concentrations of artists in the country. Rhode Island is known for teaching its students with practical coursework. The tuition fee will cost $51,800 per year for full-time students. In addition, Rhode island also consists of a highly ranked graduate program for interior design.

Savannah College of Art and Design

Savannah ranks #5 in the list of top interior design colleges in the United States. The college ensures that you have access to all the artistic and creative resources on campus. The college offers BFA in interior design. The plus point is that it is accredited by CIDA. There is 98% job placement in design positions. The Savannah’s interior design program appears consistently on the top list for domestic and international universities. Savannah college ranked second on the prestigious Red Dot Design Rankings in 2019.

Syracuse University

At Syracuse, the interior designer students explore art and architecture of design in a studio. The university offers BFA in Interior design program. There is 83% of job placement chances of interior design graduates. Syracuse offers the Environmental and Interior Design program, which is broader than most programs included in the list. The tuition fee is around $52,210 per year. It ranks #6 by the Interior Design Hub.

Drexel University

Drexel University offers a BS in interior design at Philadelphia. It emphasizes sustainable practices of designing, which makes it among the list of top interior design colleges. The tuition fee of Drexel is around $56,921, and the names of alumni involve Maxfield Parrish.

Fashion Institute of Technology

Although FIT is known for fashion design programs, it also boasts strong interior design programs. The university offers BFA in interior design. It is home to more than 400 students enrolled in the largest program of its kind. The FIT provides an opportunity for its students to work with the top professionals in their area. It makes it into the list of top interior design colleges in the USA due to its hardworking faculty and the quality of education.

We hope that this list made you somewhat clear regarding which college you want to join. The above list consists of all the necessary details about the college to make it easy for you. While best college is an advantage for study, one must also understand that in the end, it’s your passion and hard work that will lead you to the great heights of success in the future.