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As a student, we are always curious to know which fields we should choose to have a great career ahead. We look for trainers, professionals, or friends to guide us. But now you don’t have to worry about it. Today we’ll tell you what the top fields of study which will help you in having a successful career ahead are.  

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Around 10,00,000 international and more than billions of local students enrolled in various universities in the USA. If you are planning to enroll in US universities, then the following are some fields that you must consider. These courses are popular among international students. Look at the infographic below:

Nearly 87,451 US students are studying science, technology, engineering, and mathematics in different countries. But that does not mean that the US has nothing to offer. There are some top programs that you must study in US universities. So let’ see what these top programs offered by US colleges are. 

Popular Programs Offered by the US Colleges

The following is the list of some popular courses among international students:

  • Business Management with 197,258 international students
  • Engineering with 196,750 international students
  • Math’s and Computer sciences with 112, 950 international students
  • Social sciences with 75,951 international students
  • Physical and Life Sciences with 73,838 international students 


Business Management

 Over 20% of international students in the USA, i.e., 197,258 students are pursuing the course. The business management course is like most sought after study program. Thus it is one of the top courses to study in the USA. Since 22 graduates from Harvard, Columbia, and Wharton’s universities fall under FT5000 leaders, that is why students choose the US to study this program. 


Engineering is a part of STEM subjects, so it is one of the top fields of study offered by USA colleges. Besides this, it is a popular course that international students often choose. In fact, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology is known as the best institute for engineering in the USA. 

Math’s and Computer Sciences

Although students are afraid of Math’s and Computer science as subjects, still, these are the most popular subjects. Indeed, there is ample scope to explore research opportunities. That is why STEM constitutes around 30% of the total number of international students. Thus it makes STEM one of the top courses in the USA. 

Social Sciences

Around 75,000 international students enrolled in social sciences, thus making it a top course in the US colleges. Since humanities cover several subjects like journalism, international relations, etc., it has a lot to offer to students. Besides this, students opt for this course as there is a huge scope for research. 

Physical and Life Sciences

From the past years, Biology and medicine have been a hit course among international students. Now, after coronavirus pandemic, it might jump on the top in the list of popular courses. As a result, most of the students are moving from traditional fields to combined courses in this field. 


Many students find these top fields as confusing and stressful. Well, don’t worry, these are some websites from which you can take help if you are really interested in these courses – for example, Call Tutor, Homework Joy, and All Assignment Help. Now you must be thinking about why the USA is a popular destination for studying these courses. So let’s know by reading further. 

Why the USA is a popular Destination to Study 

As a diverse country, the United States is a hub of International universities. If you are deciding to study abroad, then there is no better country like the USA which offers you diverse courses. Besides this, to further strengthen your decision, we have compiled a few reasons why the USA is the best destination to study. So some of the reasons are mentioned below:

Offers Programs that Fits Students needs

Unlike other countries, the US offers a diverse range of programs that are popular across the world. Since it has a wide range of opportunities, students find it the best destination to study. 


In the USA, you can change your university even during the undergraduate program in the same faculty. Most of the universities accept the same credits score. So US universities offer flexibility to finish your degree.  

Diversity and Variety

As the US is the hub of international universities, students from all around the world find the USA as the best place to study. Thus in these universities, you can experience a diversified culture. 


However, recently President Donald Trump announced about international students that “the US Department of State will not issues visas to students enrolled in programs or schools that are fully online for the fall semester. Also, active students currently in the United States enrolled in such programs must depart their country” This statement can create issues for students planning to study or already studying in the USA. However, local students can still enjoy the benefits offered by US colleges.