Top 7 Tuition-Free Online Colleges in the USA

Free online college refers to space where students can take online courses and study. College tuition is getting expensive, which puts a lot of stress on parents and students. Free online colleges are growing in popularity and are a great way to learn about the subject. The thing to know about online college is that there is no option for taking credits for the course. But it is an excellent opportunity for people who want to learn about a particular topic and test out a few courses. It helps them to figure out whether a course is right for them or not. If you wish to earn credit for the free online courses, some of the schools offer the choice of paying small fees to receive a diploma or a certificate. Free online colleges are reducing stress amongst students. We’ve listed below free online college education that doesn’t need a work program. It means they are free online college courses.

List of Free Online Colleges for the Students

High-quality degree programs are expensive, and students are forced to get loans for education. Free online colleges can drop or reduce student loan debt. Some of the free online colleges are:

· Columbia University

Columbia University is a free online college. It is one of the prestigious universities in New York. It offers a range of programs like masters, certificates, and non-degree learning opportunities. There are the following fields: Chemical Engineering, Operations Research, Applied Physics, Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, etc.

 It has no upper limit for financial aid eligibility for its students. The university will not charge any tuition fees if the annual family income is under $60,000.

· Brown University

Brown University is located at Rhode Island. The university offers an online master’s program, undergraduate courses to help aspiring students of the university. Brown University offers free tuition to meet 100% of the financial needs of all students. In 2018, the university replaced financial aid with free scholarships to all its students. 

· Cornell University

Cornell University is a doctoral research university and is a free online college for many of its students. More than 70 certificate programs are extending over 16 different fields. A unique thing about university is that there’s no standard income bracket for grant aid. The eligibility is considered according to cases based on family size and assets held. The university provides various certificates and professional courses that are online.

· Harvard University

Harvard university is unarguably the most reputed and prestigious university in the world. The university offers hundreds of free online college courses to all of its students. To avail of free tuition costs, a student’s family has to have an annual income of less than $65,000. There is more than 20 masters degree that you can earn and 40 professional certificates. 

· University of North Carolina

UNC is a public research university located in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. The university has a free tuition program called Carolina Covenant. It is a free online college that offers a wide range of courses to its students. The annual family income must be no more than 20% of the poverty guidelines. The free tuition programs are specifically for families with low wages. Full programs are not offered at the bachelor’s level.

· Vanderbilt University

Vanderbilt University is a research university in Nashville, Tennessee. It provides 24/7 classes online, and one can view the recorded lectures. Studying at a free online college in Vanderbilt will give you a world-class education and healthy peer relations. A certificate of completion is available at a small fee. The annual family income must be equal to or less than $60,000 to qualify for free tuition.

· University of the People

The university of the people is a free online college located in Pasadena, California. More than 9000 students have enrolled in the university from more than 194 countries across the globe. The tuition fee is free for all students who meet all these requirements: skill in English language, high school diploma, and a student of 18 years old or more. 

Free online college is not just a place to acquire education but is a change in the way students study. It provides them an opportunity to study while working. It is an asset to low-income families to provide education to their children without making a hole in their pockets.