Top 5 International Study Destinations in the World for 2022

The international student survey, which was conducted this year, drew 10,000 students from 181 nations who were thinking about studying abroad. using the top justifications for going abroad, as determined by students who place more importance on choosing the ideal destination than on a program or school.

We’ve prepared education rankings of the top international study destinations for 2022!

Each of these 7 factors has multiple statistical indicators, which we used to determine where the best places to study abroad: 

1 – Quality instruction

2 – Achieving career objectives

3 – A person’s growth

4 – Culture and way of life

5 – Possibilities to network or meet new people

6 – Learning a language

7 – Adventure

Top 10 International Study Destinations for 2022

Now let’s get down to the real business and talk about the places that made it to the list. 

1 – Australia 

Australia, or Straya as the Aussies call it, surpasses Canada this year as the Best Place to Study Abroad in the World in 2022.

With nine distinct regions and twenty UNESCO World Heritage Sites, such as the Great Barrier Reef, the Tasmanian Wilderness, and Ulu-Kata Tjuta National Park, there is much to learn.

View the Great Ocean Road’s limestone cliffs, the Daintree, the oldest rainforest in the world, and Broome’s red sand beaches and blue waters.

Head to Manly after class in Sydney, Margaret River, or Perth if you want to catch some of the best waves in the world. Welcome to metropolitan life from the musical capital of Australia, Brisbane, Adelaide, and Melbourne.

2 – Canada 

I cherish Canada. Canada is known for its vast array of natural beauty and for having an unmatched variety of landscapes. When visiting places with rocky beaches, snowy mountains, forested lakes, and arctic glaciers, a good camera is a need.

Due to the fact that it is a bilingual country where both French and English are commonly spoken, Canada is one of the greatest places to study abroad.

Given that Canada is a very multicultural country, you will undoubtedly hear many more languages, including those spoken by its Indigenous peoples. Any language you speak will be met with welcoming smiles and cordial greetings here.

3 – Germany 

For a number of reasons, Germany is ranked third on our list of the best countries for international students and first in Europe. From the beaches along the Baltic coast to the Bavarian hills, Germany seems to boast almost every imaginable European landscape, which is perfect in every season.

Even if you aren’t an expert on history, you can still find traces of the past everywhere you go, from the Berlin Wall and Holocaust memorials in the city to the magical Eltz and Neuschwanstein Castles in the countryside.

Explore the Black Forest for some inspiration for fairytales, get lost in one of Hamburg’s many charming canals, and enjoy Munich’s biergartens during the annual Oktoberfest.

Studying in Germany will surely be an experience you’ll never forget because it is home to some of the oldest and most prominent universities in the world!

4 – United States 

Without a question, one of the most multicultural countries in the world is the United States. Discovering the many topographies, subcultures, and history that each state along the Atlantic to Pacific coast has to offer will never get old.

In the course of a single American road journey, explore forested mountains, rolling plains, glittering coasts, and stunning canyons.

You’ll observe that even the colleges, which are among the many excellent schools in the United States, are a melting pot of cultural influences.

International and domestic students equally come from quite varied backgrounds. Do you believe going there to study abroad would be a good idea for you? Your new home should be in the Land of Opportunity.

5 -Switzerland 

Look no further if you’re interested in the beauty of nature. Switzerland is known for its stunning landscapes, where it may be hard to believe what you see is actually real.

It makes sense that it is one of the best countries for international students on our list. There are numerous hiking trails all over the country that will lead you to expansive views of lakes, forests, and stunning mountains.

Due to its extremely diverse population and convenient location in the middle of Europe, Switzerland is the perfect place to indulge your inner adventurer.

If you enjoy learning new languages, you’ll enjoy hearing Swiss-German, Swiss-French, and possibly even Romansh as you stroll through the city. Bainvegni!

By now we are sure you must have picked an amazing place to study abroad. Visit Online Course Fact for similar blogs.