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If you think nothing can stop you from growing intellectually, even a pandemic. Then these top online graduate programs are here to take your education to the next level. You can learn a skill or do a diploma on your favorite topic. You will find thousands of online programs on the web that you can apply for. As the world is getting smaller and more connected than ever, there’s no limit on how much you can share knowledge. Therefore, we shortlisted the best programs based on their popularity and can be taught through the internet.

Here you’ll find masters, graduation and diploma online graduate programs.

Ten Best Online Graduate Programs in the United States

1. Science and Engineering Programs

A student has an option of more than ten courses to choose from these Engineering programs. As technology is getting advanced with each day passing, new dimensions of teaching make subjects lucid and straightforward.

  • Biomedical engineering
  • Civil engineering
  • Industrial engineering
  • Electronic engineering
  • Mechanical engineering
  • biotechnology

These programs are available on every college website, but the University of Florida, Stanford University and the University of California offer the best education. Even the graduation rate is high, standing at 89%.

The duration of these courses is four years.

2. Bachelor in Business Administrator

It is a program that will develop your skills in management and handle corporate administration. BBA students get easily placed in companies; also, it has one of the highest placement rates.

Westcliff University, Irvine and Midway university, midway, US.

Westcliff is one of the best universities for online teaching, and fees per semester are 12000 dollars. The duration of this course is four years.

3. Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

This program brushes up the cognitive skills of students to study human behavior more deeply. The students who want to deal with criminals, depressed and addicted people of society, opt for the programs.

They serve society through counselling, teaching and social workers.

The duration of this degree is to four years, with a semester fee of 12,250 dollars.

4. Bachelor of Science in Marketing

The skills you require to identify customers demand and create a need for your product. It also helps you develop strategies to compete in the brutal world of business. That’s all that you will learn in the Science of marketing.

Post University in Waterbury, USA. Teach online with an annual fee of 570 dollars. Meanwhile, the timespan of the program is four years. 

5. Bachelor of Science in Legal Studies

This program is a staircase to law, civil services, government jobs and public advocacy. Also, it develops a base for law studies. It will take four years to complete.

Key West University in Jacksonville, USA, offers the program with annual tuition fees of 20,000 dollars.

6. Masters in Applied Artificial Intelligence

People who love to explore deep in artificial intelligence and innovate the new spectrums of technology. Many students have diverted towards this program in past years because of the end number of things you can do with AI.

Steven institute of technology from Hoboken, USA, will teach this course for two years with charging semester fees of 18,450 dollars.

7. Masters in Public Administration

The implementation of various government policies requires leadership qualities and professionalism to run the events. Public administration takes the best out of humans and has the potential of making them top politicians.

University of New Hampshire Casey School of Public Policy in Durham, USA, is one of the best schools to teach you about public administration. It’s going to take 16 months of your life and charge 31,100 dollars for the program.

8. Master of Business Administrator

You have decided to indulge in the world of management. Well, MBA is the point from which your growth happens. Westcliff University, Irvine, USA, has one of the best teachers with a curriculum. And hundreds of students have already enrolled.

9. Intensive Business English

Students can enroll themselves in this program if they want to have a professional attitude, which is shown at the time, such as business meetings, deals and much more.

AMLOTUS Language & Professional School in New York, USA, teaches you for ten weeks. Tuition fees in 1400 dollars and this a diploma program which everybody should take to improve their personality.

10. Online Music Business

Learn about the music industry, the business and how distribution tasks are executed. If you are a music lover and ready to invest in everything related to the music industry, this diploma program is only for you.

Dark Horse Institute in Franklin, USA, is here to teach you through the internet medium for 36 weeks.

The fees vary because they offer many packages to choose from this program.