Top 10 Education Blogs for 2022

Each year there is a lot of changes in trends in almost every field, but in the field of education, we see a lot of remarkable changes every year. The educational world is going at an unstoppable speed. We daily learn about the technologies that change the learning method in a typical school classroom. If we don’t follow these educational trends, we will surely miss out on the opportunities these changes offering us. It is probably not possible to catch up on all the trends, for teachers, parents, and students and learn about the new methods, devices, programs, and literature. 

The change in educational trends depends on different factors such as available resources and technologies, what options are more affordable in a wide range of society, and the changing demands or needs in present student’s generation. 

No matter who you are, the teacher, the parent, or a student, you should be following educational blogs. Now the question arises ‘Why?’ The answer is straightforward. These blogs are an increasing way to spark ideas, creativity, and catch on current educational trends. 

List of Top 10 Education Blogs for 2020

There are varieties of educational blogs on the internet. There is a list of best education blogs to follow for those who are interested in education. These blogs have a unique style and outstanding content.

Inside Higher Ed

Inside Higher Ed is an excellent source of content for students who are pursuing their education and even who are looking for jobs. The blog has many sections, including Careers, Events, Admissions, Digital Learning, and Diversity. It also offers webinars and research programs from time to time. 

Homework Minutes 

Homework Minutes is an educational blog and has sections that include Subjects, Questions, and Infographics. The primary audiences are parents and students who want to learn more about the teaching materials and trends. Homework Minutes has many exciting blogs related to student’s social life, and skills, one of the blogs is about Life Skills Students Need to Know, which shows its importance in hectic academic life.

Home Science Tools

Home Science Tools mainly focused on Inspired Learning. The focused audience in this blog is parents and teachers, but students can also read this for reference to increase their knowledge. The blog allows parents and teachers to inspire children to learn more about the educational world.


The blog Mindshift had started in August 2010. The blog explores the future of education and covers all the aspects, including cultural and traditional trends, innovations, and groundbreaking research. The blog contains information about digital media and educational services that change lives for the better.

Cool Cat Teacher

Cool Cat Teacher is a blog maintained by a local teacher, non-profit initiator, and author. The blog is dedicated to all the teachers and offers fresh ideas for reaching students. The main motive of the blog is to provide teaching ideas for those students who learn differently and or face some struggles in learning.

Lily’s Blackboard

Lily’s Blackboard is a blog written by Lily Eskelsen, who is the vice president of the National Education Association (NIA). The blog contains posts about modern trends in education, learning methods, and different learning technologies.

Rock Your Homeschool

If you want to experience a useful and enjoyable education, Rock Your Homeschool is here to help along your journey to learn. The blog is about to relieve stress from the exhausting trends. The blog develops creativity and curiosity in the mind of the student.

E-Learning Industry

It is an online educational blog in which you will find a variety of e-learning articles, e-learning software, e-learning resources, and e-learning concepts. It is created as a knowledge-sharing platform for e-learning professionals, and instructors connect in a safe online platform.

Learning is Messy

The author of this blog is Brian Crosby, who is a teacher by profession. He shares his ideas for learning in personal style in the blog and encourages other teachers to learn new methods of learning. He believes that providing experiences and crucial knowledge is not good enough for the students. They need the time to “Go Deep” in the topic and grasp their learning through all aspects.

Classroom 2.0

The blog focuses on bringing web 2.0 and social media into the classroom. It is not just a blog but a social network for educators that are searching online strategies for the school.   The blog has many educational videos. 

Education blogs are an excellent resource for anyone in the field of education to stay on top of the current issues and trends in this field. Through these, the students gain immense knowledge to upgrade the discussion. Students often get confused while choosing the best education blogs for them. So, here is the list of top 10 education blogs.