Parents’ Top 10 Destinations for Their Children’s International Education

Being a parent, you always want the best for your kids. Be it in terms of living, clothing, or education. Education is the only means of child development. Parents must prepare themselves for their children’s education in abroad. Studying abroad requires a significant amount of planning. It should start from XIth and XIIth class itself. It is because a child becomes mature by that time and can make a thoughtful decision. An international education requires a lot of things to plan upon.

Things to Consider While Planning for International Education


Counseling is advisable for children who want to study abroad. Information provided by an experienced person will be helpful for students. Be cautious from the counselors who wish to push towards a particular course or university for their interests. Prepare a list of questions and doubts that you have to ask a counselor for your child. Try to do your research also, which will make your head more evident. Although it may take time, it helps your child become prepared in advance.

Choosing a course

Before going abroad, selecting a course is a primary factor. International education offers a variety of courses. It also includes those courses which might not be available in your country. So I chose a course wisely.

Choosing a university

After deciding what course you want to go for, choosing a university becomes essential. Chose the best university for the course you have selected.

Choosing a country

A country becomes a vital factor in education. The process of applying for a course is different in different countries. So consider that.

Top 10 Destinations for Children’s International Education

United States of America

The USA  is the most popular choice according to most of the parents for the international education of their child. According to Goodman, President, and CEO of the Institute of International Education, “ parents and students consider the USA as a good asset due to the excellent colleges and universities available.”

A large number of students study in the US from around the world. It makes it a home for the most significant number of international students studying abroad.

United Kingdom

The UK is the 2nd top choice for parents and students. It ranks at 44% as a popular destination for international students. It is because it offers work while studying ad work permit to international students. Moreover, the UK is home to internationally recognized universities.


Australia comes under the top 3 choices for parents. It is because of the wide variety of subject choices and scholarships available to them.  In terms of a popular destination for international students, Australia ranks at 38%.


The 4th choice of parents for their child’s international education in Canada. Canada is a multi-cultural society. Canada, in terms of popularity, ranks at 23% as a country for international education. Canada ranks at the top 3 (12.9) in terms of quality education, quality of life, and job prospects.


Germany is among the top choices of parents. Omit quality of education, quality of life, and job prospects, Germany has rewarded the highest score with 13.3 out of 15. Germany’s highest rating is because the highest quality of education is available along with affordable living costs.

Six &7.  Japan and France are favorable for international students due to its low tuition fees and generous scholarships.


Singapore, as a popular destination for international students, ranks at 9%. But in terms of quality of education, living, and job prospects, it scores (12.95), making it the second-highest score after Germany.


China is the world’s second-largest economy. It provides work opportunities for students, and the government allows students to work part-time while they study.

New Zealand

International students feel more welcomed in New Zealand. Along with great destinations, it is a safe and stable society. Therefore, it comes under the best top 10 destinations for parent’s international education.

Better job prospects, language skills, exposure makes a destination favorable for parents and students. It means that it is an investment for students to achieve higher education and making them prepared for future competencies.