International Student Statistics in UK 2019 | Online Course Facts

Facts and only facts are the basis of information. As per the growth in the count of international students studying abroad, the UK is no less in receiving many. To prove the outflow of students from international locations to the UK, here is a report of official international enrollment statistics. According to the stats, in 2017-18, almost 458,490 international students were studying in the UK. Out of this record, 14% of the undergrad students and 35.8% post-grad students amounted to international ones.

The statistics are evident in the fact that the UK provides academic exposure to international students. This helps them in the overall growth of students to explore and grow. Thus, the enrollment of international students in the UK increased by 3.6% in the year 2017-18…  

Top countries of origin of international students in the UK

To mark the admission of students from different countries, here are the top five popular countries from where the majority are received. The countries include China, India, the US, Hong Kong, and Malaysia. The percentile of total international enrollment from the UK is 38%.

Out of this, 38 % of students from top country of origin of international students in the UK in China. In the year 2017-18, almost 106,530 Chinese students got enrolled at UK based universities. The next in the lineup is India, with 19,750 students, preceded by 18,885 students from the United States. The European students contribute to 30% of the entire share of international students enrolled at UK universities.

Top 10 countries of international origin students in the UK 

As specified above, the UK receives a plethora of students from different parts of the world.  Out of the total number of international students studying in the UK, there are 150,000 as a whole. The popularity of academics in the UK spreads far and wide to the different corners of the world. This invites thousands of enrollments from varied countries of international origin students in the UK. The top 10 countries in the context are China, India, U.S, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Italy, France, Germany, Nigeria, and Greece.

Total international students coming up from the countries mentioned above are as follows:

China: 106,530

India: 19,750

U.S: 18,885

Hong Kong: 16,350

Malaysia: 14,970

Italy: 13,985

France: 13,660

Germany: 13,545

Nigeria: 10,540

Greece: 10,135

Top 5 EU countries of international origin students in the UK 

European Union countries are also known to send the most international students to the UK. The top 5 EU countries that top the list are Italy, France, Germany, Spain, and Greece. The total students sent to the UK from these countries include almost 13,985 students from Italy, 13, 660 from France, and 13, 545 from Germany.

To be specific about the popular choice of students studying in the UK, England tops the list according to the Higher Education Provider data. As per their stats, in the year 2017-18, 377, 140 foreign students were enrolled in England. Other countries received the below-stated number of students.

Scotland: 54,235

Wales: 21,350

Northern Ireland: 5,765

Thus, England received the majority of student count in 2017-18.

Division of International students in the UK

As the above data must’ve made you aware of the popularity of UK education among international students, here is further data. If we divide the number of enrollments in UK universities as per the popular subjects, it is as follows.

The top five favorite degrees receiving the majority of international students in the UK are Business & Administrative studies, Engineering & Technology, Social Studies, Creative Arts and Design, and Biological Sciences.

Further dividing total international students in the UK based on the academic level, it is as follows.

Total international students enrolled in an undergraduate course in the UK: 56%

Total international students enrolled in the postgraduate course in the UK: 44%

These statistics are evident in the fact that the quantity of international students attending college in the UK is quite high due to the quality education that it provides. Moreover, the academic curriculum of the UK based colleges helps students in settling their career abroad. This must give you various reasons for the reliability of the educational sector in the UK.