Education in the United States | Online Course Fact

The American Education System is one of the most valuable and trusted modes of education in the World. Though U.S. private universities are the most expensive option for international students, every year, thousands of them seek admission to acquire quality education. The United States remains on top of the students’ priority because of it being the third most populous country in the world, most powerful military, and has the largest higher education system.  

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The reason for the assimilation of students from global locations all around the world is the foremost reason for the increased popularity of US colleges among international students. The case in the apposition states that in the academic year 2016-17, the US hosted almost 1,078,882 international students. Thus, it’s evident that the education system in the United States has global reach and popularity.

Here are some quick facts to state some statistics of education in the United States. According to the 2017 U.S Census Bureau, the population of the United States is 327,700,000. Out of the numerous people living in the States, education is compulsory for the age group extended from 16-18. The language of instruction for the dispersal of education in the American classroom is English. The Academic Year for new admissions remains mid-Aug  / mid-Sept to mid-may/ mid-June.

To keep a count on the total number of foreign students in the U.S, the percentage or ratio of international students inflicted within a year. The ratio of undergraduate education remained 41% from 2015 to 16, DPT increased two percent from 14% to 16%, Non-degree programs reduced by 1% from 8% to 7%, and graduates decreased by 1%, i.e., from 37% to 36%.

WES Canada Document Requirements

To meet the requirements of the secondary education in Canada, students have to provide certain documents as prescribed by the institute. The foremost requirement is to provide a Graduation Certificate and Diploma. Along with it, the applicant has to provide Academic Transcript sent directly by the institution attended.

To seek admission in Higher Education, the applicant has to send the Academic Transcript as sent directly by the intuition attended. For the doctoral degree, the requirements include the Official letter and degree conferral from confirming the award of the degree sent directly by the institution attended.

On submission of the above-stated documents, the applicant becomes eligible for the admission process.

Higher Education Grading Scale

The higher education grading scale in the United States have a particular credit system used by the institutes. The system adopted by the Carnegie Unit System is “study hour.”  The measurement of the credits is done in the credit hours or credit unit mode of derivation.  Through perceptible knowledge of the grading parameters, the student ought to study accordingly. The grading system varies from country to country, depending upon the requirements of the university board of the country. In the United States, higher education institutes calculate the GPA of the student to measure the student’s academic performance.

As per the grading system, below is the table with numerical grade against the letter grade and the WES Canada Conversion. There are varied variations in the higher education grading system, including A+, as the highest grade and E as the failing grade.  The minimum score that the students need to score in the bachelor’s program is 120 credits out 180.

By following the parameters of education in the United States, the process of application and registration gets simplified. Studying in American universities provide ample opportunities to develop keen academic skills. So, seeking admission to the renowned Ivy League Universities can brighten your future prospects.