COVID 19: Why Adults Are Happier or Worried in the US

The whole world is facing coronavirus pandemic. Most of the people around the world are in self-isolation. Then in a survey, it is noted that American adults are much happier than before. Although some people are still worried, we will talk about it later on. So let’s start with the discussion of why adults of the US are happier than before.

Now you must be thinking of how that is possible. During this pandemic situation, how can someone be happy? But that is true. According to the new survey by Gallup, when adults were asked what emotion they felt more than before? Seventy-two percent of adults replied that they are happier than before. The survey started in March. So from March to May, the happiness percentage increases by 5%. However, there is a slight decrease in the number of worried people with 12%.

So why are these people happier than before? The answer could be that American adults are feeling relax from the cat and rat race of the career. They are self-isolation, maintain social distancing, and working from home. That means people are away from anxiety and stress. Also, many states in the US have started reopening essential and non-essential businesses.  

Talking about all those adults who are unhappy, they are generally minorities and lower-income classes. Some of them reported feeling boredom and loneliness. While for others, the reason is new ways of living is giving them anxiety-like online classes, career pressure, etc. So if you are happy, then it’s great. But if you’re not, then various experts can help you to deal with career pressure— Homework Minutes, Call Tutor, etc.

Americans Worried About Opening Up Soon 

As many states are opening soon to regain the economies, healthcare experts are warning that it may increase the number of corona patients. The US governments’ top expert Dr. Anthony Fauci said, “There is a real risk that you will trigger an outbreak that you may not be able to control.” It means American adults worried that the second wave of coronavirus pandemic would come. This wave would be harmful to economic recovery. Thus, in that situation opening businesses to save the economy can be proved as a bad option.  

Furthermore, the Morning Consult Poll mentioned that 51% of the Americans stated that businesses and spaces are opening too quickly across the nation. However, 15% of voters registered think that the state is not opening quickly. Thus adults are more worried about the pandemic’s economic impact than public health impact. Moreover, they also mentioned that the government should focus more on the economy instead of stopping the coronavirus outbreak.

Nearly three-quarters of the democrats worried about the impact of coronavirus pandemic on public health since March. But still, a high percentage of voter wants the government to pay more attention to the economy than public health.

Tips for How to Stay Happy During Pandemic

If you are having trouble to control your anxiety during this pandemic situation, then try the following tips:

Keep Yourself Busy

Do not watch news channels all the time. Try to distract your mind away from the pandemic. The distraction can lower the blood pressure level to normal levels. Thus you’ll feel better.

Meditate Daily

It’s good to follow a routine for exercise or meditation. Doctors are also recommending that adults must engage in 30 minutes of exercise or meditation daily.

Open Your Heart With Family and Friends

During this pandemic, it is recommended to maintain social distancing. But that doesn’t mean you can’t talk to anyone. Just open up yourself to people around you, whether family or friends. It is the easiest way to say goodbye to stress.

Fill Your Day With Positive Thoughts

Start your morning with positivity. Avoid reading coronavirus news in the newspaper. Try to read more jokes and positive books to regain positivity in life.