COVID-19: Low Pay Scale of Key Workers in the U.K.

The economies are stagnant due to coronavirus pandemic since governments have announced lockdown to slow down the spread of coronavirus. Besides, they are trying best to help those who are putting out of work. Due to lockdown, not all did all childcare and school services have been closed but also a large number of businesses shut down, leaving workers jobless.

Still, there is a desperate requirement of key workers in the U.K. to keep working through the crisis. Although they have a low pay scale, they are expected to work on the front line. In this challenging situation, we are expecting a lot from our doctors, paramedical staff, and police officers. Along with these, people who are working in supermarkets and collecting refuse are working on the front line. Keeping doctors aside, most of these people are having a low pay scale than the national average. Also, there is a significant unemployment rate due to lockdown.  

According to a report by Check-a-Salary, childcare workers, care workers, and retail assistants have a low pay scale than the national median salary. Office for National Statistics calculated that their wages are just under £25 thousand. However, registered doctors, nurses, and other paramedical staff reported earning above this figure.

Which Careers Students Should Choose to Avoid Lowest Paying

Nowadays, the economy of the world is in tragedy. Though, you can save your career by opting for professional degrees.  For example, if you have a computer science degree, you can earn up to six figures in America. Also, a surgeon makes around $358,000. But if we compare these two professions with an average American’s salary, then it will be apparent that education pays off high time. However, they are low paying as compared to the stress in the professions. Thus here are some careers that students should choose to avoid the lowest paying.


Ministers provide moral and spiritual guidance to congregation members. The median salary of a minister is around $47,100, although that earning comes with stress. They are constantly called for counseling on spiritual health, marriage, and religious issues. To become a minister, you need a bachelor’s degree or prior.


The main aim of the journalist is to gather information for public consumption for a variety of media. They have to work on writing, researching, and reporting about trending topics. The median annual salary is around $41,260 for all reporters and correspondents. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics stated a 12% decline in this profession from 2018 to 2028.

Social Work and Counseling

As we are seeing that the world requires more social workers and counselors nowadays, so opting for social work and counseling would be a great deal. The median income of a rehab counselor is around $34,490. To become a counselor, one needs a master’s degree and a state license. Social workers with advanced degrees can earn about $45,900, and 50% of people in the U.S. earn below this figure.


A career in an educational professional can be challenging. Yet highly rewarding. The main aim of the teachers is to inspire young minds. The median salary of an average teacher is $58,030. Besides this, only 65% of teachers polled that their job is stressful. To become a professional teacher, you should at least have a bachelor’s degree.