COVID 19: How the Pandemic Impacts the Career in Tourism

Over the past decades, tourism has been a great career choice. Different countries considered tourism a great contributor to economic growth. That is why year after year, throughout the globe, massive investment is poured in the development of tourism. Since tourism became so important, so is the career in tourism took its lead. But nowadays the career in tourism is extremely hit by the COVID 19 pandemic.

World Travel and Tourism Council predicts the impact of COVID 19 on the global Travel & Tourism sector. Nearly 50 million jobs are at high risk globally in tourism. Besides this, the world is expecting 12 to 14% more reduction in employment. However, this is not the end. According to the United Nations World Tourism Organization, the pandemic will affect international tourist arrivals in 2020. The Secretary-General of UNWTO Zurab Pololikashvili, said: “Tourism has been hit hard, with millions of jobs at risk in one of the most labor-intensive sectors of the economy.”

Unfortunately, the tourism industry is hugely affected by the pandemic, even under the most optimistic situations. However, UNWTO expects that in early July, there might be a gradual lift in the international tourist arrival.  This news can gain students’ interest again in a tourism career. Although the arrival may begin soon, it might drop by 58%, which means 610 million. It implies the career growth may take time in tourism. Besides this, if we’ll see success in this state of war against the pandemic, a career in tourism will again touch the peak.

How to Make a Career in Tourism

If you want to make a career in tourism, then you must have a high school diploma or some college training. However, training to become a travel agent might vary from college to college.

Now you must be thinking even in this pandemic situation, why would I want to become a tourist? Well, FYI, every industry across the globe is devastated due to pandemic, including tourism. Besides this, as mentioned above, we might expect international arrivals from early July, so the career in tourism will also grow. Most importantly, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, a traveling agent earns around $42,720 per month. Plus, the role of a travel agent is adventurous and encouraging. So expecting to be a travel agent in the future isn’t a wrong choice.

Now let’s see what one has to do to become a travel agent.

Step 1: Gain Travelling Knowledge

Being a travel agent, you must know popular destinations and exciting activities that your tourist can enjoy there. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, knowing popular destinations count as an asset for travel agents as it helps clients to make better decisions. Those agents who have visited before will be able to clear doubts of the clients.

Step 2: Complete High School or Degree Programs

A high school diploma is mandatory to become a travel agent. Now you might be thinking about what will I learn in that class— where is Eifel Tower? Well, absolutely yes, you will learn history, geography, and foreign languages. Don’t worry, even if your history or geography isn’t good enough, you can become a travel agent. There are many online assignment help services like All Assignment Help, Call Tutors, Homework Minutes. These will help you to understand the subjects better. Even if you know most of the popular destinations, these subjects will help you to know the cultural events and languages of the country. The degree programs include course work in U.S. and world geography. Also, you can opt for specific fields in tourism like ecotourism or hospitality management.  

Step 3: Find Internships or Jobs

After completing the required degree or diploma, you will be eligible to apply for an internship or job. As a travel agent, you’ll have many options to work with corporate travel departments, reservation services businesses, and insurance carriers. Besides this, lodging managers and tour guides may be better options to look forward to.

Thus these were some quick tips on how to start your career in tourism by analyzing the current scenario. Hoping the information mentioned here will help you. Stay tuned for more related information.