Career Options in Science after High School

High Schools are a significant turning point in every student’s life. It is the point where students start to think about their career and life choices. To build a good career and live a successful life, one must be well planned and structured. Students who have science in their high school can choose a variety of career options.

Science, both medical and non-medical, is a popular subject choice among students. Science is a multi-disciplined stream with new disciplines and branches added with the advancement of technology and science. Science offers a variety of career choices for the students. Students thought that science is only related to doctors, engineers, and scientists. But it is not valid; science is beyond these career options. Science is an inspiring stream, and those who understand science and technology can opt for many exciting career options.

List of Best Career Options in Science

As there are many career options available in science fields, but not every career suit every student. Check out the list of best career options in science after high school to guide your science career journey:


Physicists study the properties of matter, time, and energy. Some physicists work with theoretical research to expand the knowledge of how the universe works. Some perform applied research to put theoretical knowledge to work in the practical process. The physicists calculate the data, generate the theories, and experiment with them.


Building a career in the engineering branch is common nowadays. The most productive engineering branches are Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, and Electrical Engineering. More such braches are growing and developing. Some branches like Chemical Engineering, Petroleum Engineering Instrumentation and Control Engineering, Food Processing and Technology, etc. will also help in building a vast and rewarding career.


Astronomers study the things in space, including stars, galaxies, and black holes. They research the properties and composition of these elements. Like physicists, astronomers also can expand the knowledge of already known concepts. They can perform some experiments to generate new theories. The astronomy study includes some mathematics concepts, how to develop approaches, design and conduct tests, and analyze the data.

MBBS and Career in Medicine

A career in Medicine and MBBS takes a lot of effort and will power. If you want to be a good doctor, you must be ready to sacrifice a lot. Just getting an MBBS degree is not enough; you will be successful once you have a post-graduation degree in the field of medicine. Having a post-graduation degree not only gives you advanced knowledge but also gives you many career opportunities. A career in medicine has a lot of demands but can give you a prosperous life.


Geoscientists study the Earth’s composition, structures, and physical properties. By studying more about the planet, they can predict future changes in the Earth. They also can understand the past changes that had to occur. There are many career options available in the field, such as geology, seismology, oceanography, and paleontology, etc. It depends on what you want to study. The various types of geoscientists study on the formation of rocks, reasons for earthquakes, and locate petroleum deposits for drilling. If you are interested in the study of our Earth, you can choose this field to increase your knowledge about it.


BDS and Career in Dentistry

Dentistry is a growing career in science after high school. Unlike MBBS, a considerable number of the college offering dentistry as a separate course. One can build a rewarding career in this field based on the skills. The PG and specialty branches also exist there. Unlike a regular MBBS doctor, a dentist can relax a bit. One can try for a government career, private clinic, and own clinic after completing. The choice is all yours.

Atmospheric Scientists

Atmospheric Scientists study the atmosphere to understand and solve pressing problems. The scientists collect data, which includes temperature, humidity, pressure, and wind speed. They analyze data through mathematical and computer models. There are also many different types of atmospheric scientists. One can easily choose their career among various fields in atmospheric scientists.

Biochemists and Biophysicists

The scientists study the physical and chemical properties of the organisms to understand the biological process. The scientists need to do some experiments and laboratory-based research. Biochemists and Biophysicists need a variety of equipment like lasers, electron microscopes, and computer models to study living beings. Like other scientists, they also conduct basic or applied research. They help society make essential innovations in agriculture, medicine, and other related fields.

Medical Scientists

If you want to involve in a medical career but not as a doctor, you can opt for a medical scientist. The researchers develop ways to healthcare, search cure for many incurable diseases like cancer, and invent new medications. The scientists conduct experiments and clinical trials to gather data. Medical scientists specialize in a particular research type. There are different types of fields available such as toxicologists, pharmacologists, neuroscientists, cancer researchers, and research histologists.

Nuclear Technicians

The nuclear technicians observe the performance of nuclear power to equipment to make sure that the research has done safely. They use equipment such as radiation detectors, dosimeters, spectrometers, and particle accelerators. The technicians analyze radiation in the air, water, and soil to check radioactive communication. Nuclear technicians can find employment in a variety of workplaces related to their work.

These are the best career options in science after high school, one must know. Usually, students choose a career based on their parent’s wishes but do follow your dreams instead. Build a career in the field that you are crazy about.