Best Universities of the U.S. For International Students

It is not surprising that the United States’ population is multiplying. Institute of International Education (IIE) tracks international exchange in education. According to IIE, America still hosts over a million foreign learners. But international undergraduates in the U.S. sank to 6.6% in 2017.  The trend has hit even international schools.

According to Student Loan Hero, in 2016, students at American colleges paid an average annual net tuition fee of $8,202 at public schools and $21,189 at private ones. Forbes mentioned 50 top schools for International Students of 2019 increased from 7.6% in 2009, 11.3% in 2019.

Benefits of Studying in the U.S.

There are plenty of advantages of studying in the U.S., and here we are mentioning some of them.

·     Research and Technology

Research in U.S. Universities is one of the core benefits of studying in U.S. Universities of the U.S. It takes pride as providing the best types of equipment to their students. Additionally, students get immense exposure to the newest and modern technology.

·     Worldwide Recognition

Most students pick the USA to study because of its strong worldwide reputation when it comes to higher education. A degree from top U.S. University is like having global citizenship.

·     Academic Flexibility

U.S. Universities not only give you options to choose majors and minors but also give your chance to decide when to attend classes. It confirms to each student’s need and preferences.

·     Funding Opportunities

U.S. Universities are very generous in providing scholarships to exceptionally bright students. There are also merit-based scholarships for worldwide students.

·     Global Opportunities

It attracts top employers of the world who seek a wide range of knowledge, adaptability, and experience that is applicable worldwide. Studying in the U.S. is also helpful for learning multi-cultural language skills.

Top Universities for International Students

Below you will find the list of some top Universities which have a vast number of international students in the U.S.

·     New York University

It is a private research university based in New York City. NYU students come from 133 countries all over the world. NYU provides demanding education to more than 50,000 students and undertakes nearly $1billion in research annually.

·     University of Southern California

It is one of the oldest private research Universities in California. It has a total undergraduate enrollment of 19,907 and 12,334 as international students with $58,195 tuition fees. This University utilizes a semester-based academic calendar.

·     Columbia University

Columbia’s enrollment of international students is vast at the undergraduate level. The University includes all levels of degree programs, the medical school, and study departments are 28%. It is heavily involved in global research with the tuition fees of $49,138. Additionally, it has 12%, international students.

·     Arizona State

The diversity of Arizona State is the main reason to attract students from all over the world. Students can choose from undergraduate programs, graduate programs, and certificates. Undergraduate programs cost around $520 to $728 per credit hour. Graduate programs cost $522 to $1,397 per credit hour. Certificate programs cost $595 to $1,153 per credit hour.

·     University of Illinois

It is the only public research University in Chicago, and it has more than 30,300 students’ enrollment. The top priority of this University is research. There are both online and on-campus programs that students can avail of them. This University is famous for medical schools. Attending the University of Illinois can cost you up to $19,000 or more per year.

·     Northeastern University

This University is the perfect option for non-traditional students with a wide range of academic, career, and personal goals. Nearly 16,000 undergraduates and roughly 8,000 graduate students attend Northeastern University. Programs, here, can cost you up to 61,000 in total.

·     Purdue

This University offers Graduation programs, undergraduate programs as well as opportunities to study via the internet through Purdue University Online. Today nearly 43,000 international students attend this University.  Total tuition fees for international students can cost up to $31,084.

·     Michigan State

Michigan State offers more than 200 programs to study with 17-degree granting colleges. Students can enroll for classes as well as can participate in world-class research projects. Its most popular areas of study are business, marketing, and management. The total cost for two semesters is $24,844 per year.

·     University of Washington

It has more than 47,000 students as well as 5,800 academic staff members. The total cost of tuition fees for Washington students is 27,638, and for non-resident students is $53,018. The student-to-faculty ration in the University is 19:1.