2023 Best Colleges for Finance in the U.S. | Top 10

In this blog, we have narrowed the search for the best colleges for Finance in the U.S. to help you in choosing the right one as per your priorities. When financial necessities have become a big concern for anyone, picking up a career in the same can prove to sensible move. Morso, according to a 2018 report from the National Center for Education Statistics, “Studying finance can prepare you not only for careers in the financial services sector but also for everyday tasks.” This report proves the widespread popularity of financial courses in the freshmen. If you want to have a career in Finance and earn great monetary rewards, pursuing a finance degree can be the right choice. Go through the listing for the same.

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Top 10 Finance Colleges in the U.S.

University of Pennsylvania

The University of Pennsylvania is #1 in the list of the best colleges for Finance in the U.S., found in 1740, located in Philadelphia. It is a private institution and marks the total undergraduate enrollment of approx 10,183. 

Tuition and Fees: $57,770

New York University 

The second in the list of best finance colleges in the U.S. is NewYork University. It is a private institution found in 1831, having a total enrollment of 26,773 students. The school under the university providing a degree in Finance is The Leonard N. Stern School of Business. Under the core finance courses in NYU include branches such as:-

  • Corporate Finance
  • Real Estate Capital Markets
  • Alternative Investments
  • Portfolio Management 

Tuition and Fees: $53,308

University of Michigan

The University of Michigan is another top finance college in the U.S., found in 1817. It is a public institution and witnesses a total enrollment of 30,318 students. You can study in the three-tier program of the University of Michigan, including corporate financial management, financial institutions management, and investments. 

Tuition and Fees: $51,200 (for out-of-state students), $15558 (for in-state students)

The University of Texas

The University of Texas is a public institution found in 1883 at Austin. Being one of the popular colleges for Finance in the U.S., the university witnessed a total undergraduate enrollment of $40,804. 

Tuition and Fees: $38,228(out-of-state), $10,818(in-state)

Massachusetts Institute of Technology 

Massachusetts is a respectable name in the top finance colleges in the U.S. It is a private institution and seeks an overall enrollment of 4,602 students. The Bachelor in Finance at MIT is called the “15-1: Management” program. 

Tuition and Fees: $53,790

The University of California and Southern California

Another best college for Finance in the U.S. is the University of California in Berkeley. It is a public institution found in 1868 with a total undergraduate enrollment of 30,853 students. The University of Southern Californa has its location in Los Angeles with an enrollment of 20,000 students. The major finance program in the USC include:-

  • Micro and Macroeconomics for Business
  • Operations Management
  • Business Finance
  • Accounting

Tuition and Fees: $43,176(out-of-state), $14,184(in-state) :- In The University of California and $32,932 for The University of Southern California

Carnegie Mellon University 

Carnegie Mellon University is a private institution found in 1900 in Pittsburgh. With a total enrollment of 6,947 students, the university is among the best universities for Finance in the U.S. During your course duration; you’ll get to focus on how corporations, individuals, and independent agencies work in the field of Finance. The CMU curriculum covers topics such as:- 

  • Savings and investment strategies
  • Financial market regulation 
  • International Finance
  • Tax effects

Tuition and Fees: $57,119

Boston University

Boston University is a private institution located in the district of Boston. The Carroll school of management overs a degree in Finance with basic courses such as basic Finance, Corporate Finance, investment banking, etc. Students get to choose from electives, including derivatives and risk management, international Finance, fixed income analysis, and Financial policy. 

Tuition and Fees: $31,539 

Georgetown University 

Another top college for Finance is under George University, located in Washinton, DC. The McDonough School of Business offers various finance degrees. Every year, 20k grad and undergrad students attend Georgetown University. Students get to attend international internships to the global business fellow program, working in:-

  • Sales and Trading
  • Financial consulting 
  • Private Equity 

Tuition and Fees:$26,625 

Case Western Reserve University

The 10th in the line of the best colleges for Finance is the Case Western University. It is a private university located in Cleveland, Ohio. It seeks the admission of about 12,000 graduate and undergraduate students in the midwest’s best intuitions of higher learning. The degree courses incorporate Finance, equity research, investment management, etc. Another eye-catchy fact about the university is that it is one of the nation’s friendliest schools for LGBTQ folks.

Tuition and Fees: $33,124