Best Colleges for Biology and Biochemistry in the World

Are you planning to make a career in biology or biochemistry? Then this guide we’ll help you. As the name suggests, biochemistry is where biology meets chemistry. However, biology is the study of living organisms at the foundation level. Since it has vast importance in our lives, it is essential as a career too. So go through the whole guide to know the best colleges for Biology in the world.  

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So let’s know what career opportunities we’ll have after taking a higher degree in biology. 

Career Options for Biology Students

Learning biology or biochemistry helps us to understand diverse topics like diseases, genetics, evolution, or DNA. Out understanding of biology or biochemistry enables us to develop drugs that might help us to survive against viruses like coronavirus. 

However, a degree in biology makes you ideal for this. So let’s see what career option we can have as biology students. You can end up working in:

  • Toxicology
  • Pathology
  • Bioengineering
  • Researching drugs
  • Food 
  • Agriculture
  • Learning more about viruses like coronavirus and how to fight them 

Besides this, you can get a higher degree and become a professor at some university. You can also acquire some unrelated business or financial skills to work in an organization related to biology or biochemistry. For this field, you can utilize transferable skills and your knowledge of the subject. Well, if you think biology is a difficult subject to understand, you can take experts’ help via web from Call Tutors, Homework Minutes, and All Assignment Help. 

Now let’s move forward to see the best colleges for biology that will help you to learn better. 

List of Globally Best Colleges for Biology 

The following are some best colleges for biology in the world:

Harvard University

It is one of the best colleges for biology in the world. The medical schools of this University are affiliated with several teaching hospitals like Brigham and Women’s Hospital. Also, this University has the best colleges for microbiology and clinical medicine.  

Massachusetts Institue of Technology

MIT contains five top colleges for:

  • Architecture and planning
  • Engineering 
  • Humanities, arts, and social sciences
  • Management
  • Science

So, students are free to take any course in their choices. Also, MIT gives plenty of scope for research experience. It has its own MIT Nuclear Reactor Laboratory, which is one of the largest university research reactors in the US. Thus it also focuses on technological solutions to national security issues. 

Stanford University

Located in California’s Bay Area, contains seven top schools for graduation level. Three of them are known as the best colleges for biology. But the business, law education, and medical schools offer only graduate-level degrees. Other than biology and biochemistry, Stanford is best known for psychology and neuroscience behavior

The University of California, Berkley

This University offers around 350-degree programs. Thus students have a variety of courses to choose from. Some schools of the University manage biological field stations and museums. That is why it contains one of the best colleges for biology in the world. There are plenty of colleges that offer research in zoology, botany, ecosystems, and forestry. 

The University of California, San Fransico

The University is famous for bioengineering advances as well as the best colleges for biology and biochemistry in the world. Here, you’ll learn some traditional ways of researching. It designed to provide rich materials to the students for a practical purpose.

University of Cambridge 

Located around north London, it offers six best schools:

Arts and humanities; biological science; clinical medicine; humanities and social sciences; physical sciences; technology. 

In the Univesity of Cambridge, there are dozens of departments and divisions which are constituting these schools. The university centers around 140 research institutes. As research institutes specially designed, the University offers experimental knowledge in the lectures. 

University of Oxford

The University of Oxford is located in northwest London. More than half of the students research a part of their universities. Further, courses aim to provide students with both theoretical knowledge and practical training. There are four academic divisions based on research: Mathematical, physical and life sciences, medical sciences, and social sciences. 

Note: Application for admissions for the year 2021-22 will start from Tuesday, 1 September 2020  

The University of California, San Diego

The University of California, San Diego, is a public institution, located in the La Jolly community, near the Pacific Ocean. It offers more than 100 undergraduate academic disciplines. Some of the highly ranked best colleges for biology and biochemistry are: 

  • School of Medicine
  • Jacobs School of Engineering
  • UC San Diego Medical Center

So these were some best colleges for biology and biochemistry that you must try. Prepare for the best colleges in the world and achieve your dreams.