Best Architecture Colleges in the USA | Overview

If you have a passion for design, artistic sight, and a drive to create something unique, then you have the potential to become an architect. Finding the best architecture colleges is a no joke. But if you’re thinking of becoming an architect, then you have an exciting path ahead. Even though you have decided on the major you’d like to pursue, it can be difficult to find out where to turn for your studies.

Let us get to know the meaning of architecture.  Architecture is the art and technique of designing buildings distinguished from the construction. 

The architecture practice fulfills both practical and expressive requirements. It serves both utilitarian and aesthetic ends. Being an architect is not an easy thing to do. One must take inspiration from their surroundings and generate new ideas. It also means that the person has not tied with the one job, location, and boring schedule. Once you get into the best architectural colleges in the USA, you will explore many things.

10 Best Architecture Colleges

The best degrees in architecture are those that offer valuable study. Along with it, they are affordable, flexible, and convenient. We aim to make sure that that you receive the most accurate list of best architecture colleges in the USA. Here are the top 10 list of colleges:

University of California- Berkeley

The best architecture college in the US for general architecture is the University of California- Berkeley. The location of the college is in a major urban center in California. It is great for young people seeking possibilities for adventure, networking, and exploration. Around 78% of students send their SAT scores, which average to a total of 1,405. Try to invest in an ACT preparation course before taking the exam since the usual ACT score goes up to 32.

Rhode Island School of Design

It’s hard to find the best architecture college than Rhode Island School of Design if you wish to study the general architecture. Rhode Island School offers a graduate degree in architecture along with bachelor’s programs. Located at the Providence, this school is best suited for learners who blossom in the atmosphere of the city. The school usually doesn’t have issues repaying their students loans with being only 1.3% defaulted.

Cornell University

Cornell University is situated in New York. It ranks as the top 3 best architecture colleges in the USA. Cornell University has bachelor’s programs as well as graduate degrees to offer to its students. Ithaca is an ideal environment for college students who enjoy the urban lifestyle. The school is known for the support of military personnel and is 280 best in the nation of veterans. Parents will be happy to know that Cornell University has a comparatively low crime rate.

Illinois Institute of Technology

It’s difficult to beat the Illinois Institute of Technology in terms of best architecture colleges in the USA. The graduates of architecture program earn up to $37,346 in the first five years of their careers. The college is situated in Chicago, which is ideal for learners who want to flourish in cities. The college helps in networking between students and teachers helped by the 13:1 student ratio.

Columbia University

Columbia University is located in the city of New York. Columbia University offers a graduate degree for those who are interested in advanced studies. There is no tuition reduction for New York students. But students with low family incomes receive an average of $61,055 in aid from the university. Columbia’s impressive 85.3 % graduation rate is a plus. The college offers a graduate degree as well.

Virginia Tech

Virginia Tech is located at Blacksburg, Virginia. It is ranked  #6 in the list of best architecture colleges in the USA. It consists of more than 20,000 students making it one of the largest schools in the nation. The on-campus safety is one of the major priorities. Parents will be glad to know that Virginia Tech has a low crime rate. In terms of affordability and value for money college, Virginia ranks at #4.

Texas A&M University

Texas A&M University is unbeatable in terms of value for money college. It is #2 in terms of affordability. Graduates of the college don’t have difficulty paying off their student loans. The college is ideal for students who prosper in a city atmosphere.

University of Pennsylvania

The University of Pennsylvania is one of the largest colleges in Pennsylvania. A student who is interested in studying architecture needs to check out this college. It ranks among the top 10 best architecture colleges in the USA. The majors in architecture receive 23.9% more than the typical architecture graduate. Students usually don’t face difficulty in paying back their student loans.

University of California

The University of California is situated in Los Angeles. The setting is perfect for students who seek out considerable opportunities for social networking. It is ranked #3 in California for overall value. It is one of the best architecture colleges in the USA.

University of Florida

The University of Florida is a good decision for individuals interested in architecture. The college is located in Florida, which offers the thrill of a significant city. The reasonable price of the university is a big plus for students whose major concern is cost. The University of Florida provides graduate degree programs who want to continue after a four-year program.

Though finding the best architecture college is a tough task, make sure you are positive. Trust your instincts and research properly. I hope this list saves your time of personally searching every architecture college in the USA.