Annual Average Cost of College Tuition and Fees

Annual Average Cost of College Tuition and Fees

Since students pass high school and enter inter-school, they have this urge to attending college to the earliest. Students from far and wide travel overseas to seek admission to Ivy League Colleges. The students hustle to score good grades in entrance exams to grab the university seat. Throughout the admission process, parents spend a major portion of their annual income. From filling forms, paying tuition fees, finding accommodation, and other expenses, the bill takes in all the savings.

However, in this hustle and bustle of paying huge sums, the annual average cost of college tuition and fees remain unknown. HSBC states that almost 39 % of parents don’t know how much their child’s education is costing. If you sit back and draft the total money spent during college life, it might disgust you.

According to HSBC’S 2018 report, “On average, a student spends almost USD99, 417 throughout a degree.”  By reading that statement, a lot of your hopes of studying in top-notch colleges might have shattered.  Due to the heavy fee structure, the majority of the students studying in the US are working part-time to meet the expenses. HSBC statistically proves that 85 % of students spend more time working (4.2 hrs/day) than they do in lectures, the library, or studying at home.

Alongside students, parents too remain close-fisted and sacrifice most of what they possess for their children. Another report by HSBC states that 62% of parents reduced their leisure activities to support their child’s university education. After cutting down a lot on their expenses too, they barely gather enough to meet the costs required.

To elaborate on the difficulties of meeting the unending expenses, here is the annual average cost of college Tuition and Fees of the students.

The report stated below is set by the Wisconsin Technical College System Board in March for the following year. It does not include books, materials, or program/college-related fees.

All Four-Year Institutions

The total tuition and fees for the average public, out-of-state, and private non-profit all four-year institutions in 2017-18 is $30,180.

UW Four-Year

The minimum and maximum tuition fee for the UW four-year college ranges between $7,389- $10,534.

UW Two-Year

The total tuition and fees for UW two-year institutions are $5,186.

Wisconsin technical colleges

Amidst these heavy fee structures of both private and public institutions, the total tuition and fees of the Wisconsin technical colleges are minimal. The total fee is just $4,095 only.

As per the data, though the annual average cost of college tuition and fees has made it hard to study in Ivy League colleges, Wisconsin technical colleges are a great option to choose. In this generation of expenditure exceeding the income, it is important to choose the educational institutions wisely. The research of this kind makes both parents and students aware of the current admission scenario.