8 Scholarship Website for International Students

Do you seek to learn for free? Although very few, several scholarship websites allow international students to study for free in any country. Due to the perks of the digital world, it can provide you knowledge from any corner of the world.

Every child wants the opportunity to secure free money to help pay for college. Thousands of scholarship websites help international students find funding for college. So if you are in an urgent need of a scholarship or student loan check out these scholarship websites.

But before you start to search for scholarship websites there are certain things that you must have in your mind.

  • You should have academics achievements as scholarships are based on academic merit. Here are some websites that can help you in academics. 




  • You should have athletic abilities. Playing for your college team can enhance your opportunity for scholarships.

Scholarship websites for college

As there are so many scholarship websites out there, sometimes it can be hard to figure out where to begin. Therefore take your time and choose wisely.

1.      Diversityabroad.com

It is an organization to encourage diversity among students studying abroad. They encourage students through scholarships. With numerous scholarships, they also have fellowships to go abroad. If you want to explore the world it is a scholarship website that you must check.

 It does not matter whether you are a student or a professional, you can apply to the opportunities that they provide. This organization offers degree scholarships, fellowships, intern opportunities, and teaching opportunities. You can easily contact them for advice regarding different programs and any queries.

2.     epro360

epro360 target the high school students in addition to college students. It provides you professional assistance to study abroad. It also focuses on cultural diversity. They are maintaining a high level of professionalism, providing scholarships to thousands of students in achieving their dream course.

3.      Scholarships.com

Scholarship.com has offered valuable services free, since 1998. It is using simple and free and only requires few minutes to get started. They update the list regularly to inform students about the latest scholarships that are available and the best of their interest. You can easily register to become a member of it. And then you can choose a suitable scholarship for yourself.

4.      ScholarshipMonkey

The best part about this site is that it requires you to make a profile with all the necessary data that match your specific circumstances, to provide you a scholarship that meets your requirements. This saves tons of time. Along with scholarships for a minority, they also have nursing scholarships, women scholarships and more. This website itself claims to help more than 1 million international students to find scholarships and opportunities to attend the college of their choice.

5.      SallieMae

All you have to do is make an official account on the site itself then you can start browsing for scholarships. This website not only helps you in getting a suitable scholarship but also allows you to explore federal student loans. It has various tools that provide you financial aid according to your needs. You can easily plan the package over here.

6.      Yconic

It has the largest databases for scholarships and at the same time works as a social network site for students. It is the most useful feature of this site as it helps you to interact with the students dealing with the same issue and can offer various advice to each other. This feature makes your scholarship research a simple task.

7.       Chegg

The list of scholarships on this website is highly searchable. This website also can provide scholarships through the online application. This website focuses on renting books for years, so it can also help you in academics. It has claimed to help 3.1 billion students with scholarships and internships. This website also assists in advanced writing and tutorials monthly.

8.     Daad

If you are searching for a university in Germany then you must check this site. It is a Germany based website that offers international students numerous opportunities to study in Germany. This website aids in scholarship as well as information regarding visa application and procedure to apply in Germany. You can find all the educational information to study in Germany. It also gives you a glimpse of general life in Germany.

You can easily contact the aforementioned websites for scholarships and opt for opportunities that suit you best. For the latest updates, do not forget to create your account on favorable websites.