8 Best Law Schools in the World | 2020 Ranking

The work of a lawyer is broad since there is no destined path. Though there is a broad spectrum for them to explore in private, government, corporate, and international settings. Moreover, a lawyer must be a well-trained advisor and know how to support his clients in legal matters. So if you are ready for this thrilling journey to become a lawyer, then you must know which schools offer a professional degree of law. Also, there are several other opportunities offered by law schools like paralegal, lawyers, etc. Here we will discuss the eight best law schools in the world one by one.

But before heading towards the list, you must know how much you can earn as a lawyer. So the highest average salaries that districts pay to a lawyer are $192k (District of Columbia), $171K (California), $167k (New York), and so on. Now you must be thinking about what I have to do to earn this much? Let’s discuss what you have to do to earn this much.

How to Become a Lawyer

Here is what you have to do to become a lawyer, and then you can also earn great money as a professional.

Step1: Complete a Bachelor’s degree before taking admission to the law school

Step2: Pass Law School Admission Test (LSAT) to enroll in the law school

Step3: See the list of best law schools in the world and complete application

Step4: Earn a Juris Degree to practice law in the United States

Step5: Pass the bar examination to practice law in the state

Thus these were some steps that you have to follow to become a lawyer. Now, if you are afraid of these examinations that you have to clear for the entrance or practice law, then don’t worry. You can take experts’ help from Homework Minutes, All Assignment Help, and many others to guide you in your overall journey to become a lawyer.

List of Best Law Schools in the World

“Lawyer: The only man in whom ignorance of the law is not punished”— Elbert Hubbard

The following is the list of few best law schools in the world with some important details.

Harvard University

The University, located in Massachusetts, has one of the best law schools in the world. Harvard is the oldest law school in the United States. Along with this, the academic reputation of the University is 100%. Juris Doctor courses at Harvard are the best in the world. But there are no merit scholarships.

Juris Doctor Program Costs: $70K

LLM (Graduate Program) at Harvard Costs: $100K

Overall Score: 100

University of Oxford

University of Oxford of the UK has an extensive history of over 800 years in teaching and creating literature on the law. The University offers four undergraduate programs:

  • BA in Jurisprudence
  • Diploma in Legal Studies
  • BA in Jurisprudence with senior status
  • BA in Law with Law studies from Europe

There are also five post-graduation programs:

  • Bachelor of Civil Law (BCL)
  • MSc in Law and Finance
  • Magister Juris (MJur)
  • MSc in Criminology and Criminal Justice
  • In international Human Rights law

Overall Score: 96.8

University of Cambridge

The University is one of the oldest and best law schools in the world. The faculty is very humble and grounded. For seeking admission in undergraduate programs, students need to pass the BA Tripos Undergraduate exam. Along with this, the LLM at Cambridge is a nine months course starting from October. If you want to get a law degree from the best UK college, then you must try this school.

Cost of LLM: $29.5K

Overall Score: 96.1

Yale University

It is a top-ranked school in the United States since the faculty is broad-ranging and has expertise in law. The school is best for those who believe in collaboration rather than competition.

Cost of Juris Doctor Program: $89K

Cost of LLM Program: $60K

Overall Score: 93.9

Stanford University

The Stanford University of California is located in the Silicon Valley of the United States. The students have to pass the LSAT exam to get admission. Besides this, the University offers four LLM programs:

  • Corporate Governance and Practice
  • Environmental Law and Policy
  • Law Science and Technology
  • International Economic Law, Business and Policy

Cost of Juris Doctor Program: $62K

Cost of LLM Course: $62K

Overall Score: 93.3

University of Melbourne

It is the oldest law school in Australia and one of the best law schools in the world. The school offers excellent placement cell for students, around 98% of the students get employed in about ten months of completing graduation. Thus there are five post-graduation programs:

  • Master of Laws Global Competition and Consumer Law
  • Master of Laws LLM
  • Master of Banking and Finance Law
  • Master of Commercial Law
  • Master of Construction Law

Cost of Juris Doctor Program: $128K

Cost of LLM Course: $44K

Overall Score: 90.0

London School of Economics and Political Science 

LSE Law School has a high-quality professor to teach law and best research faculty. Along with best tutors, it also offers $4 million in scholarships to the students of LSE. Besides this, it has a wide variety of LLM courses:

  • Banking of Law and Financial regulation
  • Corporate and Commercial Law
  • Criminology and Criminal Justice
  • Human Rights Law
  • European Law

Cost of LLM Course: $26K

Cost of LLB Course: $23K

Overall Score: 89.7

University of California

The Berkeley Law School is one of the best law schools in the world among the 14 schools of the University of California. Since it is more focused in the real world, the school also has a bar school to help students in passing bar exams. Along with this, the school offers four LLM programs:

  • LLM Traditional track
  • LLM Thesis track
  • Hybrid LLM
  • LLM Professional track

Cost of LLM Program: $62K

Cost of LLB Program: $100K

Overall Score: 89.4

Thus these were some best law schools in the world that you must check to choose the best career options. Stay tuned for more related details and Good Luck for the Future!