8 Best Economics Schools in the World in 2020

When the whole world is facing economic troublesome, why would one want to become an economist? No doubt, other industries are growing even during this pandemic coronavirus situation. They have all the power to boost your employability. But don’t underestimate an economic degree. No matter whichever industry you join, an economic degree has a strong demand throughout the global market. So today, we’ll help you in choosing the best economics schools.

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To enroll in the best economics schools, you must have to pass the entrance test. Don’t worry about it. There are several websites like Call Tutor, Homework Minutes, All Assignment Help, which can help you in preparing for entrance. As a professional economist, your role will be researching and analyzing economic data. Also, for the majority of careers in the economy, you’ll need to have at least a bachelor’s degree to gain specialized skills in the economy. To be a pro in economics, you need to be confident in advising policy and business strategies.

What You Can Do With the Economics Degree 

By holding an economics graduate, you can become:

  • Financial Consultant
  • Investment Analyst
  • Actuary
  • Public Sector Roles
  • Economic Researcher
  • Accountant
  • Data Analyst

You can opt for any of these career choices just by getting a bachelor’s degree or more. So for obtaining a bachelor’s degree, first you have to choose the best economics schools.

2020 List of Best Economics Schools in the World

Let’s see the following list of best schools for economics:

Harvard University

Harvard University has one of the best economics schools in the world. It is the oldest higher education institute in the United States. Along with this, the academic reputation of the schools is 100%. But there are no merit scholarships for the students. Besides this, students can experience co-curricular and athletic opportunities. Along with this, the University has excellent academic learning.

Total Score: 97.4

Location: United States

Status: Private

International Students: 62.2

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

The University advances students by the thought-provoking motto, “Mind and Hand.” Moreover, the University has seven schools along with 18 interdisciplinary institutes. Besides this, it has 12 museums and galleries, so that students can experience cultural campus life. It comes on number one in the ranking of Best Engineering Colleges.

Total Score: 100

Location: United States

Status: Private

International Students: 94.1

Stanford University

Stanford is popular with the nickname “billionaire’s factory.” The placement cell of Stanford offers job opportunities from marketing tycoons. Also, it promotes interdisciplinary research in the economic field. Along with this, students often enjoy their rich tradition of creativity. Thus it is one of the best schools for the economy.

Total Score: 98.4

Location: Northern California, United States

Status: Private

International Students: 67.7

The University of California, Berkeley (UCB)

The University of California is the home of politically moderate students. Moreover, students learn to analyze the market risk and so on. Also, the curriculum of the University includes projects related to data analysis so that students can learn better.

Total Score: 82.6

Location: United States

Status: Public

International Students: 39.7

The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)

Being one of the best economics schools in London, it offers great opportunities. There are different academic courses from account to management. Besides this, LSE offers a different range of academics in social science. By studying here, you can learn the European Financial approach. Also, the school stands out for international debates.

Total Score: 77

Location: London, United Kingdom

Status: Public

International Students: 100

Princeton University

It is one of the oldest Universities which have the best economics schools. Also, it is the world’s foremost research universities. So here colleges offer a variety of academic courses in social sciences, natural sciences, and engineering. In New York’s Travel+Leisure Magazine, the University is named as the most beautiful in the United States.

Total Score: 90.9

Location: United States

Status: Private

International Students: 67.6

University of Chicago

The University of Chicago is a research-based University in the urban center of Chicago. The Booth School of Business and the Harris School of Public Policy Studies are the best schools of economics offered by the University. Thus alumni are responsible for the development of academic disciplines. Moreover, the University offers different courses related to social science and economics.

Total Score: 92

Location: United States

Status: Private

International Students: 81

Yale University

Yale has the top-ranked schools for economics in the United States. So the curriculum allows students to learn across different disciplines. Also, the University is organized into 14 schools, 12 of which are professional schools. The school is best for those who believe in collaboration rather than competition. Moreover, College life here reflects the University of diversity.

Total Score: 87.7

Location: United States

Status: Private

International Students: 57.4


Hoping the above list will help you to find the best economics schools in the world. Explore these schools and universities for making the best career choices. Good Luck for the future!