7 Top Business Schools in the World | 2020 Ranking

Business management is a broad topic that includes several other topics like Human Resources, Accounting, Marketing, etc. So if you want to enroll in top business schools in the world, then you must have good command in all these subjects. Although learning business is not like rocket science, all you have to do is study daily. Also, there are various websites which can help you in preparing for entrance exams like Homework Joy, Call Tutors, All Assignment Help, and Homework Minutes. They have experts who can guide you through your overall journey.

QS World University Rankings by Subject released its 2020 rankings of the top business schools in the world. Their ranking is based on four factors: academic and employer reputation, research citations, and their productivity. Let’s see which schools are the best for business-related studies.

2020 List of Top Business Schools in the World

“The art of being wise is to know what to overlook”—William James. It means one should be aware of what to overlook to grab the best opportunity. Just like that, as a student, you should not overlook all the chances that you can get in the future. But for that, you must have a plan. So here is the list of top business schools in the world so that you can plan well.

Harvard University

Harvard University, located in Massachusetts, Cambridge, is the best university of business. Its research output is very high, which means that here you take part in various business-related research. Around 21,000 students are a part of the university. Eight alumni became the US president and 62 alumni who are now a billionaire. The university has also won several Nobel prizes in academics.

Academic Reputation: 100

Citations per Faculty: 99.6

Tuition fee: $161k

GMAT: 730


INSEAD school is one of the top business schools in the world. It sends the most significant business graduates out in every corner of the world. The professors here have unique perspectives and different teaching styles. It has three campuses across the globe, one in Asia, one in Europe, and the other in the Middle East. Some popular programs are dual degree EMBA, Executive Master in Finance, Global Executive MBA.

Academic Reputation: 100

Citations per Faculty: 82.1

Tuition fee: $95K

GMAT: 670-750

London Business School

The school is located around Baker Street, ranked best for a variety of programs in MSC, MBA, and EMBA. Its alumni are most employable with an average starting salary of $66,444; thus, it has a good placement cell.

Academic Reputation: 98.4

Citations per Faculty: 81.5

Tuition fee: $80K

GMAT: 600-780

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

MIT promotes a vibrant cultural college life. Thus it offers 12 museums and galleries. These museums attract around 125k visitors each year. They have a thought-provoking motto— “Mind and Hand.” It encapsulates the feeling of making the world a better place.

 Academic Reputation: 100

Citations per Faculty: 99.8

Tuition fee: $51K

GMAT: 727

Stanford University

Stanford University has located in South San Francisco, a rich tradition of fostering creativity in every subject. That is why it has two world-class museums which regularly host exhibitions. The best part is they have eight dining halls, a teaching kitchen, and organic gardens so that the students remain healthy.  

 Academic Reputation: 100

Citations per Faculty: 98.6

Tuition fee: $51K

GMAT: 590-790

University of Pennsylvania

The university is an Ivy League school located in Philadelphia. It was founded by Benjamin Franklin to focus not only on education but also on practical skills. The motto of the university is, “Well done is better than well said.” Thus it encourages students to use their innovative minds and focus on their practical skills.

Academic Reputation: 95.8

Citations per Faculty: 67.6

Tuition fee: $222K

GMAT: 620-790

Bocconi University

The main aim of the school is to promote harmony between school and life. It is an Italian institute of a higher degree in economics, well-settled in Milan, Italy. You can enjoy the virtue of European business strategies here. The university offers several programs like cyber law, political science, economies, data science, etc.

Academic Reputation: 93.2

Citations per Faculty: 91.6

Tuition fee: $12K/year

GMAT: 650-750

Hence it was the list of top business schools in the world according to 2020 rankings. If you are planning to make a career in business, then you must explore these colleges. Good luck in the future!