7 Tips on How International Students Can Work in the Us

Do you know? Most of the students who come to study in the US end-up staying here after graduation. Thus in a way, they successfully contribute their skills and talent to America. So if you are planning to work in the US after graduation, then this blog is for you. Whether you are an intending or college student, finding a job in the home country can be a difficult task since most you might not have professional connections there.

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Compared to non-natives, international students have an advantage in pursuing citizenship because they have access to education. So when you start working in the US after graduation, there are several options for transferring your F-1 visa into legal residency. But all these visa rules and regulations can be very confusing. Also, there will be times when you find that most companies are reluctant to sponsor international students. You know why? Because the process can be expensive and time-consuming. Now don’t worry about it. That is why here we’ll discuss some tips on how international students can work in the US after graduation. So let’s get started.

#Tip1: Advanced Planning

Before completing your graduation, start to search for a job for yourself. Thus for getting a suitable job, contact the career center advisors of your college. It is the easiest way to find out which resources and assistance will suits you best being an international student.

Look for an internship in the organization which can sponsor work visas. So you’ll have two benefits from it. First, you’ll gain a good professional experience. And second, it will improve your chances of getting sponsorship in the US after graduation. Besides this, it will be a great chance for you to establish some professional relationships.  

#Tip2: Keep Adding Skills

No doubt, the US is the most preferred destination for international students. Thus employers search for students who have add-on skills in their resume. That is why always remember employers are looking for experience and transferable skills. Yes, even as a graduate with no formal working experience, students are expected to show some skills. Getting good grades is fine, but getting good grades with non-academic skills is excellent. So indulge in some activities which will enhance your skills like leading a club, hosting or organizing an event, and helping other students.

#Tip3: Make Good Use of Resources

The best way to use your college resources in this situation is by contacting the Career Development Center and International Students’ Placement Cell. These resources can help you in collecting general information on what to do after graduation, which profession will suits best in your situation. Also, they will inform you about specific job opportunities.

Further, you, too, can make your list of companies that sponsor international students. Various online websites provide information on which companies are hiring international students.

#Tip4: Enroll in Another Program

When you are in the final semester start, and still don’t get a good working opportunity, enroll in another educational program.  It would be the best thing to do in this situation. Enroll in a higher education program or Optional Practical Training to gain employment. But make sure you enroll within 60 days of your graduation; otherwise, you have to leave the US. Well, don’t worry about the entrance tests. Many online websites can help like Homework Minutes, Call Tutor, and All Assignment Help.

#Tip5: Create Your Own Network

The best way to find a good job just after graduation is by building connections. Take advantage of the alumni of your college. Even your professors can also help you with this.  Besides this, there are various online platforms like Linkedin. Create your id to meet prospective employers. Also, you can directly apply for a job from this site. Do you know? 70% of the posts in the US are filled through connections. So connections play a solid role here.

#Tips6: Know Rules and Regulations of Working

Make sure when you enter into an organization in the US, you know the rules and regulations of that organization. Besides this, keep tracking the visa application that your organization will provide you after starting working. Also, you can ask for sponsorship early in the hiring process. You need to be outstanding in your work that no other person can replace you. Do you want to know why? Check the demographics:

Around 5.2 million students graduate are below the age of 25, looking to work in the US. Thus to increases your chances of getting hired, you must need something extraordinary.

#Tip7: Create an Outstanding Resume

If you want to work in the US after graduation, then create the best resume. Make a list of your skills, achievements, and experiences that you have gained in the college premises. Don’t send a resume randomly to any company. Spend time to research about the company and the role. Also, make sure it sponsors international students.