7 Best Language Learning Websites | Learn a New Language

If you’re planning to study abroad or pursue an online course from a foreign university, there are some pre-requisite languages to know. In this guide, we’ll help you with the seven best online language learning website that can help you get good hands at a new language. These websites can make you a fluent speaker and help make your international trips or study abroad programs successful.

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Top 7 Websites for a New Language Learning

1. Duolingo

This is the first language learning website, as suggested by us. DuoLingo is a free website that provides lessons to the learners. The main modules include reading, writing, listening, and speaking. The app also has an “immersion” section that provides you with enough options to read articles and translate them. The fun part of this language learning app is that you get award points for the lessons completed and bonuses for doing well. You can even subscribe to get daily reminders to study even on the go. The main languages include Spanish, French, Dutch, Italian, Irish, etc. 

2. Livemocha

The second preferred language learning website is Livemocha. This website provides lessons in 35 languages. You’ll get structured language learning lessons through writing, speaking, and listening modules. However, the free version has limited featured; the premium version isn’t that costly and comes with a lot of attractive perks for the language learning enthusiasts. Also, you get to earn lesson credits by tutoring other learners in language that you’re fluent in. Livemocha also gives the feature to access virtual classes or book private tutors for online sessions. 

3. Busuu

Busuu is an international community of more than 40 million registered native speakers. As a beginner, you’ll get flashcards for learning new words and phrases. The advanced stage involves writing and answering questions reviewed by the native speakers. If you get the paid memberships, you can enjoy grammar-focused lessons, video units, and informational pdfs. At Busuu you’ll get special instructions in Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russain, etc. 

4. Living Language

If you’re a new language learning enthusiast, consider signing up for an online course at Living Language. The website offers lessons in more than 20 languages. The course is available in various lengths, costs, and combines vocabulary, grammar, and audio notes. You can even play language games, puzzles, and seek e-tutorials from tutors around the world. Another perk of this website is that you can visit the free resources section and get access to various language-specific PDFs useful to get a good hinge of a new language. 

5. Foreign Services Institute

This language learning website features resources both in text and audio form in more than 45 languages. The best part about this website is that the professional linguists design it for the U.S. government. Each time you get free materials for your classes, it is of high quality, created to aid the learner’s gain fluency. The lessons included in the Foreign Service Institute revolves around grammar and repetition, in addition to the more popular languages. You can even learn the languages that other websites barely offers such as Romanian, Igbo, etc. 

6. Memrise

Suppose you categorize yourself in the visual learner’s category. In that case, Memrise is a language learning site that offers a lot of “mems”, that is, user-generated mnemonic flashcards on genres such as graphics, humour, and imagination. You can get access to thousands of free coursed in many languages. 

7. BBC Languages 

The last in the list of best language learning websites is BBC Languages. The website has its “Quick Fix” section that showcases the various useful phrases in 40 different languages. Also, you can seek access to comprehensive lessons made in seven languages, such as French, German, Spanish, Italian, Greek, Portuguese, and Chinese. Before, taking up any course on the website, it conducts assessment tests to recognize yourself as a beginner, intermediate or advanced that provides resources like PDF of vocabulary lists and crossword puzzles. 

This language learning website can convert you into a native speaker of your desired language. Language learning skills can be beneficial in touring abroad or pursuing foreign courses. Also, there are many perks of being a multilinguistic. To mention a few:

  •  A multilinguistic develops critical thinking
  • One with multilingual traits can enter diverse areas such as pedagogy, writing, interpretation, etc.
  • Get to explore variations and growth of different languages.
  • Has a trait of speech modulation and verbal usage of words.
  • Knows language variation, its changes over time, and its inheritance.

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