5 Major Challenges Faced by Students in Classrooms

There are millions of students out there; some of them are facing different types of issues in the classroom. We have often heard people saying, “This sum is so easy why you can’t solve it on your own?” It is probably because all of us are not going through the same mental health. Some of us have mental issues which can disrupt our academic.  Thus there is a need to know the core challenges faced by students in classrooms. So today, we’ll discuss these problems in brief.

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Our education system gives us plenty of room for improvement, which we’ll talk about later on. But now, let’s get started with the challenges faced by students in-depth.

#Challenge1: Bullying

Indeed bullying is not a new problem. But it is a significant problem that most of the students face in the classrooms. Thus it condemns students to enjoy their school life and the right to learn. Now you must be thinking, what can I do about it? Well, you can do a lot of things to avoid bullying.

Take Stand Against Bullying

Whether you are the victim of bullying or your friends, always take a stand. Be aware of your school policies against bullying to take appropriate actions. Do whatever it takes legally, safely, and ethically to stop bullying in the classroom. But commit yourself to protect each other from bullying so that you all can enjoy school.

#Challenge2: Academic Performance Pressure

Unlike in the past, the competition level is increasing in every field. No doubt, there should be a healthy competition to embrace your performance. But sometimes students take this academic performance so seriously that it gives them mental pressure. It is impossible to perform well every time without any failures.

Furthermore, if you have serious issues related to academics, then you must take support from experts. You can ask your school professors to help you. Besides this, there are different websites like Call Tutor, Homework Minutes, and Assignment Geek to provide you with academic support.

#Challenge3: Racism

Today it is the most trending topic in America. What do you think? Why are people protesting on the streets with #BlackLivesMatter? It is because racism is still there in the roots of America. Although it is not there legally, yet it is there in social lives. According to a study by the US Department of Education Civil Rights Data Collection, primary school students experience more racism than secondary school students. Also, 3% of students sometimes face unfair treatment by their teachers in the classroom. They are prone to racism based on caste, religion, creed, etc. Thus all these factors can hamper students’ mental health. Therefore there is a need to take some measures like:

  • Talk to your friends when you see them encountering some discrimination.
  • Take the pledge not to commit any activity related to racism.
  • Empower your juniors to abandon racism not only in the classroom but in their overall lifespan.

#Challenge 4: Student Health

Since obesity is increasing at a fast rate in the US, it is contributing to lower students’ achievement. Thus it is a big problem that we have to deal as a student. Also, it increases the risk of chronic diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, and much more. Further, it can lead to some disabilities, which can create a severe problem for the students. All these diseases can hamper students learning ability in the classroom. So now what you have to do? Read the following points to understand it in-depth.

Change Your Eating Habits

As a student, you have to do a lot of mind-related work, so you should take off your mental as well as physical health. That is why you must avoid all junk food. Instead, take green leafy vegetables or food which contains Iron and Vitamins. Besides this, there is the National School Lunch Movement, which aims to bring healthier options for students in the lunchrooms.

Practice Yoga

Apart from eating healthy, you must do some yoga. It promotes not only the flexibility of the body but also minds. Every student must do yoga daily. Even if you are physically fit, it will help you to overcome stress. Thus you’ll notice better focus and mind power. So this yoga day, i.e., on 21 June, you must pledge to do yoga at least for five minutes.

#Challenge 5: Lack of Resources

For most of us, life could be easier if we have better finance. Likewise, there are plenty of students out there who do not have proper resources in the classrooms. Thus this fact creates a massive challenge for them. There are some schools facing budget cuts, so less funding means small staff and a lack of resources. In simple words, it means there are no libraries, art or music classes, no playgrounds for some students who are facing poverty.

Furthermore, to overcome the problem, schools are running special educational programs for those students. Thus in a way, the administration is making sure to provide the necessary evaluation, proper equipment, and social, emotional support.

Thus these were some challenges that students are facing in the classrooms. That is why there is a need to expand the necessary education support system. Besides this, students should be the priority of schools above administration and other costs.