2022 Best Colleges for Business in the US

Are you a business enthusiast and want to get started with a career in the same? In this guide, we will help you with the ten best colleges for Business in the US where you can seek admission in 2022. Whether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur of clothing, real estate, or traveling, studying Business will benefit you in your venture’s overall growth. To first convince you why studying Business is important for you, here are key reasons why. 

  • To develop communication skills
  • The Marketing 101 – to know the audience 
  • Basics of accounting and budgeting 
  • Insight of investment and finance 
  • Develop the skill of project management 
  • Become a learned entrepreneur

10 Best Business Colleges in the US

If you’re planning to pursue Business as your undergraduate study, these ten colleges can be the best options to choose from. 

University of Pennsylvania

Location: Philadelphia, PA

Penn is an elite private university known for its academics, values, diversity, and a large campus. The university receives an enrollment of 10,605 undergrad students. Since the acceptance rate is only 8%, the admissions to the course are extremely competitive. Every year, about 59% of students receive financial aid to pursue their major. Last year, the university gave a graduation degree to almost 172 business students. 

Acceptance Rate – 8%

Net Price – $24, 771

SAT Range – 1450 – 1560

University of Southern California 

Location – Los Angeles, CA

UCS is a private university known for its large institution with an enrollment of 19,194 undergrad students. Popular majors of the UCS include Business, Communications, and Biology. Every year, the number of students receiving financial aid is 69%. Last year, about 993 graduates took a major in Business. About every year, 92% of students got employment two years after graduation. 

Acceptance Rate – 13%

Net Price – $37, 521

SAT Range – 1360 – 1530 

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Location – Cambridge, MA

MIT is an elite private college located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, in the Boston area. It is a small institution with an enrollment of 4 557 undergraduate students. The popular majors of the college include computer science, mechanical engineering, and mathematics. Last year, over 95% of students, MIT alumni, earned a starting salary of $82,200. Every year, over 74% of students received financial aid to complete majors. 

Acceptance Rate – 7%

Net Price – $20, 465

SAT Range – 1510 – 1570 

Michigan State University 

Location – East Lansing, MI

Michigan State University is known as one of the worlds leading research universities. With an acceptance rate of 78%, seeking admission to the university is easier than other top universities. Over 70% of students receive financial aid from all around the world to pursue their desired major. 

Acceptance Rate – 78%

Net Price – $16, 579

SAT Range – 1100 – 1320 

Washington University in St. Louis

Location – Saint Louis, MO

Known by its abbreviation, WashU, the college invites students with a tangent between creativity and tenacity. Alongside, quality academics, the college serves more than 380 clubs and student-run organization that promotes healthy relationship among students and help them study better. Every year, over 51% of students received financial aid to pursue their major. Their special Beyond Boundaries project helps talented and self-motivated students to become creative problem solvers and pursue their broad interdisciplinary interests. 

Acceptance Rate – 15%

Net Price – $27, 108

SAT Range – 1480 – 1560 

Cornell University 

Location – Ithaca, NY

Cornell is a highly rated private university with an enrollment of about 15,175 undergrad students. The most popular majors at the university include biology, computer science, and Business. Every year over 62% of students receives financial aid to pursue their major. Moreso, over 93% of students graduating from the university got a job after two years. 

Acceptance Rate – 11%

Net Price – $28, 921 

SAT Range – 1400 – 1560 

University of Texas – Austin

Location – Austin, TX

UT Austin is a highly rated public university located in Austin, Texas. The university has a larger institution with an enrollment of 38,097 undergrad students. The popular majors include Business, biology, and information science. Every year, over 86% of students graduate from the university to earn a starting salary of $46 000.

Acceptance Rate – 39% 

Net Price – $15, 502 

SAT Range – 1230 – 1480 

Georgetown University

Location – Washington, DS

Georgetown is a highly rated private Catholic University with an enrollment of 6,990 undergraduate students. The popular majors include political science and government, international relations, and finance. Every year, 95% of students graduate from university to get a starting salary of $65,200. 

Acceptance Rate – 15% 

Net Price – $28, 442

SAT Range – 1380 – 1550 

Columbia University

Location – NewYork, NY

Columbia University is known to enroll 6,000 undergrad students from all 50 states. The perk of studying at a university is that a student can choose from over 100 areas of study and enhance their research and development motives. The university promotes a lifetime of learning, collaboration, and the eternal pursuit of truth and understanding. 

Acceptance Rate – 6%

Net Price – $21, 828

SAT Range – 1440 – 1570 

Washington and Lee University 

Location – Lexington, VA

The student body at the Washington and Lee University represents 48 states and 55 countries of citizenship. The students from all walks of life get an opportunity to study Business through various merit-based financial aid programs. Every year, over 66% of students receive financial aid, and about 94% get employed within two years after graduation. 

Acceptance Rate – 21%

Net Price – $23, 301

SAT Range – 1360 – 1500