2020 Best Schools For Biology in the World | Top 10

Are you a student who loves studying living and biological organisms and their characteristics? This is the best guide to get started if you’re planning to pursue a full-time career in biology. To make your research easier, we’ve put together the ten best schools for biology in which you can seek admission this 2020. To get a sorted career path, it is crucial to seek admission to an accredited university with the best faculty and resources. So, to get the best out of it, ensure to choose the best University as per your priority. Follow this guide and find a list of 10 best schools for biology in the world. 


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Why Study Biology?

To get a good background of the subject and how it can be beneficial in framing your future, here is a bit about t. Biology is the study of living organisms, their life cycles, and their ability to adapt to their surroundings. It is a wide umbrella with various fields such as biochemistry, microbiology, etc. Since it is a broad field, so it comes up with different career scopes to follow and seek good opportunities. But, let’s know why to study biology for the new bees who want to turn their passion for life study into a profession. 


  • Biology is a field with numerous career opportunities.
  • The study of biological sciences can broaden your knowledge of cell theory, evolution, and other related topics.
  • A degree in biology and a joint program in other sciences widens the scope of higher studies. 
  • The study of biology helps students develop proficient skills like communication, research, and management skills.
  • It opens up the scope of other related backgrounds such as pharmacy, biotechnology, etc.

After studying biology, the various career scopes in the field include working as a biological technician, biochemist, healthcare specialist, etc. To help you further, get an insight into the best schools for biology majors in the world. 


10 Best Biology Schools in the World

The following list of the best biology schools is in no particular order or rank. Just read about the main pointers and choose one as per your requirement. 


Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Location: 77 Massachusetts Avenue Cambridge, MA 02139

The first in the row for the best universities for biology degree programs is MIT. The Cambridge Massachusetts offers various programs that help students thrive in an area of research and study. 


General Info

The SAT score for the applicants: 1525

Acceptance rate: 7%

Graduation rate: 95%


Stanford University 

Location: 450 Serra MallStanford, CA 94305

The second up in the line of the best schools for biology is the Standford University. Since the University aims to prepare students to make meaningful contributions to society, taking admission in it is worth it. While pursuing your course, you got to live on campus, which gives you exposure to more interaction and researching. 


General Info

SAT Range: 1420-1570

Acceptance Rate: 5%

Graduation rate: 94%


Tufts University

Location: 4 Colby St.Medford, MA 02155

Tufts university is another best university to study biology and attain a good career. The University offers postgrad degrees in biology for degree advancement. It has an ideal, safe, and suburban environment for college students who want to do research and study biology. 


General Info

The SAT score the applicants is 1445

Acceptance Rate: 15%

Graduation rate: 86.7%


The University of California 

Location: 110 Sproul Hall Berkeley, California 94720-5800 United States

The University of California a public university that has its place in the best universities for biology. Moreso, the best part about graduating from college with a biology degree is the skills acquired and the salary package. The biology majors from the University of California earns a starting salary of about $42,764. 


General Info

The SAT score the applicants is 1310

Acceptance Rate: 7%

Graduation rate: 95%

Rutgers University-New Brunswick

Location: New Brunswick, NJ, United States

Rutgers is another significant school of biology in the world. The department of biology at this University is the oldest in the lot. A biology major graduate earns an average salary of $44,395 to start with. 


General Info

The SAT score the applicants is 1230

Acceptance Rate: 57%

Graduation rate: 81%


Texas A and M University College 

Location: 400 Bizzell St, College Station, TX 77843, United States

Texas A and M University is another well-known school for biology majors in the world. The aspirants can study biochemistry, biological and agricultural engineering, etc. The basic general biology from Texas A and M have bright career scopes. More so, the University ranks second in Texas for its premium educational programs. 


General Info

Acceptance Rate: 67%

Graduation rate: 79%


Duke University

Location: 2138 Campus Drive Durham, NC 27708

Duke University is one of the best undergraduate schools for biology, known for its degree programs worldwide. Also, the graduate pass outs from the college have a good career scope in the field. 


General Info

SAT Range: 1450-1570

Acceptance Rate: 10%

Graduation rate: 95%


Emory University 

Location: 201 Dowman Dr, Atlanta, GA 30322, United States

Emory University is a private university based in Atlanta. It is another well-known biology university. As per the records, the biology graduates from Emory university earn 14.5% more than a standard biology student. Thus, the ratio of students seeking admission in biology courses is quite high. 


General Info

Acceptance Rate: 25%

Graduation rate: 91%


University of Notre Dame

Location:  400 Main BuildingNotre Dame, IN 46556

Pursuing admission at the University of Notre Dame would be another good option if you want to study general biology. Moreso, you can also take up higher degrees in biology for those wanting to study further in this field. The University is a great diversity of students from 47 states in the U.S. and other countries in the world. 


General Info

SAT Range: 1400-1550

Acceptance Rate: 19%

Graduation rate: 95%


Harvard University

Location: Massachusetts Hall Cambridge, MA 02138

Harvard University is on the ground since 1636. It is one of the oldest and most significant higher education centers in the U.S. The Harvard graduate school of biology is considered one of the best schools for biology. Not only did the native students, but also the international students get admission to study in the college. 


General Info

SAT range: 1460-1580

Acceptance Rate: 5%

Graduation rate: 96%


You can visit the official websites of the courses and find more information about your course. For more such career-related guides, follow up with us.