2020 Best Colleges for Engineering in the World

In this ever-growing World, where knowing the use of technology is mandatory, it is essential to have a degree in it. Thus here we will discuss the leading colleges and universities across general engineering in different subjects like computer science, chemical, civil, electrical, and so on. Engineering is one of the degrees which will help you in getting a high pay off after graduation. Everybody wants to get enrolled in the top college. But nobody knows where to start. So here we are to help with the best colleges for engineering in the World.

Here is why you must go to the best colleges. A right college has all resources to help you in understanding the course better. Also, there are colleges which provide all the practical knowledge that you needed to understand your engineering course. So let’s see which are the best colleges for engineering that you must give a try.

List of 10 Best Colleges for Engineering in the World

Engineering is the most growing sector nowadays. As it is quoted in Forbes, Sageworks analyst James Noe said, “Everyone uses computers and businesses rely heavily on technology now, so in my mind, it’s a no-brainer that these types of services are growing fairly quickly.” With this, let’s move ahead to see the list of ten best colleges for engineering in the World.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

The university has a thought-provoking motto, “Mind and Hand.” It advances students’ belief in science and technology. It offers science lovers to bring their knowledge from all around the World, and forefront development in fields like artificial intelligence. Besides this, it has 12 museums and galleries, so that students can experience cultural campus life.

Overall Score: 100

International Students: 94.1

Citations per Faculty: 99.8

Status: Private

Location: United States

Stanford University

Stanford is in the heart of Northern California. It has a nickname as “billionaire’s factory” since it is the home for big companies like Yahoo, Google, and so on. It promotes interdisciplinary research. Thus it is one of the best colleges for engineering. Besides this, students often enjoy its rich tradition of fostering creativity.

 Overall Score: 98.4

International Students:

Citations per Faculty: 99.8

Status: Private

Location: United States

University of Cambridge

Located at the heart of the Cambridge, the university is 50 miles away from the Northern London. If you are an international student, you have to give the English language test here. Don’t worry. If you are not good at English language subjects, various experts can help you in preparing for the exam. So you can take help from Homework Minutes, All Assignment Help, Call Tutor.

So talking about the university, it is the fourth-oldest university in the World. It includes 100 libraries and holds more than 15 million books in total. It provides scientific and cultural museums that can boost engineers’ knowledge.

Overall Score: 95

International Students: 97.6

Citations per Faculty: 74.2

Status: Public

Location: United Kingdom

Harvard University

Harvard University is one of the best colleges for engineering in the World. Also, it is the top-most University for Law. As the university is also counted for the richest colleges by endowment value, it provides financial aid to around 60% of students. Besides this, here, students experience co-curricular and athletic opportunities.

Overall Score: 97.4

International Students: 62.2

Citations per Faculty: 99.6

Status: Private

Location: United States

Delft University of Technology

The university is best known for its several STEM subjects. It has one of the largest campuses that provided students with cultural feelings. Besides this, it has aerodynamics and propulsion labs. The main idea is to give students proper resources for researching and understanding their field of creativity.

Overall Score: 74.2

International Students: 87.8

Citations per Faculty: 90

Status: Public

Location: Netherlands

The University of California, Berkeley (UCB)

The university is the home to some world-renowned research institutes with Mathematical Sciences Research Institute and Space Sciences Laboratory. It is only in this university the scientists and researchers discovered 16 elements in the periodic table.

Overall Score: 82.6

International Students: 39.7

Citations per Faculty: 97.7

Status: Public

Location: United States

Imperial College London

Imperial College London is one of the best colleges for engineering in the UK. As it is focusing more on science, engineering, medicine, in a way, the university is exposing students more to the real WorldWorld. Besides this, the teaching style here is open up for every question and work-related opportunities.

Overall Score: 94.1

International Students: 100

Citations per Faculty: 72.1

Status: Public

Location: United Kingdom

University of Oxford

The University of Oxford is one of the oldest English-speaking Universities in the World. The colleges are self-governing, which means students have to apply there directly.  The academic division is in four parts: Humanities, Mathematical, Physical, and Life Sciences. The science and engineering is the strength os the university.

Overall Score: 97.2

International Students: 97.6

Citations per Faculty: 84.7

Status: Public

Location: United Kingdom

Politecnico di Milano

Politecnico di Milano is one of the best colleges for engineering, architecture, and design in Italy. There are seven campuses with 12 departments and four schools which are highly devoted to research and education. It offers innovative programs at all academic levels.

Overall Score: 50.4

International Students: 44.6

Citations per Faculty: 56.9

Status: Public

Location: Italy

University of Michigan-Ann Arbor

The University of Michigan is one of the foremost research universities in the US. Thus the university has high standards of research and comprehensive graduate program in the STEM fields. If you want a professional degree, then it also offers business, architecture, law, nursing, dentistry, etc.

Overall Score: 86

International Students: 44.1

Citations per Faculty: 61.6

Status: Public

Location: United States


Thus it was the list of some best colleges for engineering in the World. You must give it a try to choose a suitable college for yourself. Good luck with your career!