2020 Best Colleges for Accounting in the U.S. | Top 10

To realize the popularity of majoring in accounting, it is enough to know that approx 107, 851 accounting majors passed last year in the U.S. But, amongst hundreds of universities offering degrees in accounting, finding the right one is sort of a challenge -thanks to the Q.S. university rankings. Every year, thousands of students who passed their 12 grade, search for the best colleges for accounting in the U.S. To narrow down your search and help you find a suitable college, keeping in mind all the crucial factors, here are the top 10 accounting colleges for you. But, before getting into the ranking, let’s first gave a glimpse of a career in accounting.


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Why Major in Accounting: 5 Reasons to Study

To avoid beating the bush by searching for the best colleges for accounting, get your homework done first. That is, first know the purpose of majoring in accounting and how it can help you from a career perspective. Here are the top 5 reasons to study accounting:-


  • Accounting helps to analyze and manipulate financial data for businesses and public
  • It offers brighter career prospects since every industry needs an account or you can start your accountancy firm
  • The financial year will be your Christmas since you’ll get a lot of auditing and assessments, which in turn is a lot of earning
  • Most accounting major programs offer placements in big firms and even provide study abroad opportunities
  • There are multiple fields within accounting to follow, such as a job as a data analyst, tax advisor, purchasing manager, etc.


Now that you have a reason to study accounting, you can find the best colleges for accounting in the U.S. Here is the top 10 list to make your research simpler. 


Top 10 Accounting Colleges in the U.S.

Bentley university 

Location: Waltham, MA

Highest Degree Type: Doctorate 



Bentley is one of the top known colleges for accounting in the U.S. The college offers 241 bachelor’s degrees and 158 master’s degree programs. Bentley’s accounting majors receive a median salary of $60k, 99% job placement, and 8.7% industry growth. 


The University of Illinois at Urbana – Champaign 

Location: Champaign, IL

Highest Degree Type: Doctorate



The University of Illinois at Urbana is another top college for accounting. The college offers 404 bachelor’s degrees, 359 master’s degrees, and two doctorate degrees. If you’re seeking a degree in accounting, consider the Gies Business School within the university as it comprises of the best accountancy staff that prepares you for a successful career. The college is at #2 for both the best undergraduate and graduate accountancy programs in the country. 


The University of Notre Dame

Location: Notre Dame, IN 

Highest Degree Type: Masters 



The third in the line for the best accounting colleges in the U.S. is Mendoza college of business, University of Notre Dame. Both the undergraduate accountancy program and an M.S. in the same hold a ranking of #4 in the nation by a public accounting report. Further branches of accountancy that you can major in include Strategic Cost Management, Ethics in Accounting, and federal taxation. Plus, the program ensures a 98% placement rate for all its students. 


Bryant University

Location: Smithfield RI

Highest Degree Type: Master 



Another significant college in the line of best colleges for accounting in the U.S. is Bryant University. The major gain for seeking an accountancy program in the university is that it also prepares you for major professional exams. You get to seek an understanding of the certified management accounting certification. (CMA) Isn’t that great if you get the degree and preparation for the exams? 


CUNY Bernard M Baruch College

Location: Newyork, NY

Highest Degree Type: Master



CUNY Bernard M Baruch College is another significant institution for studying master of science in accountancy, MBA in accountancy, and integrated BBA/MS in accountancy. Zicklin School of Business under the university is one of the best colleges for accounting since all its programs fall have accreditation, which is an important requirement to sit for the CPA exam. So, choosing this college for majoring can be a good choice. 


Boston College

Location: Chestnut Hill, MA

Highest Degree Type: Master



Boston College of accounting is yet another best college for accounting majors. It offers both full-time, part-time, and apprenticeship courses as per your choice. The average median salary of a graduate from Boston College is about $64,900. To count the college’s popularity, it is 3rd most popular in M.A. and has 226 accounting undergraduates studying for this program. The fancy campus life is another hook point that attracts a lot of students. 


Fairfield University 

Location: Fairfield, CT

Highest Degree Type: Certificate



Next up in the best colleges for accounting is the Charles F. Dolan School of Business college under the University of Fairfield. During your program, you’ll develop keen conceptual and technical knowledge to measure and validate financial info. As per the U.S. News and World Report, it stands at #27 in the university ranking. The college offers a lot of internship opportunities to prepare you for the future workforce as well. If you major with an accounting degree from the college, your median salary would start from $59,100.


Binghamton University 

Location: Vestal, NY

Highest Degree Type: Master



The undergraduate accounting program at the Binghamton university is ranked #18 on the LinkedIn list of “Top Accounting Schools” nationwide (2014). After graduating from the program, you get to seek a respectable job in big-known firms such as American Express, Brevet Capital, Goldman Sachs, Jefferies, IBM, JPMorgan, Bank of America, etc. You can apply for an accelerated 4+1 degree to get your undergrad and postgrad done in just five years. 


Villanova University

Location: Villanova, PA

Highest Degree Type: Master



Next in the line of the best colleges for accounting is the Villanova University. To achieve a degree here, you get to complete 150 credit hours and gain experience in the field via spring accounting internship program and coOp opportunities in big firms. The average median salary of graduates passing from Villanova is $63,700 to start with.  


Loyola University Maryland

Location: Maryland, MD

Highest Degree Type: Master



Seeking an accounting degree from Loyola University is 360 degrees of freedom. The post the graduation forum is large since you can apply to become a CPA or CMA and outlined in your career. The students from the accounting graduate program earn a median salary of around $60,800 in the starting.