2020 Best Accounting Schools in the World

You won’t be surprised to know that top firms hire people from the best accounting schools. So it is essential to choose a suitable school for yourself carefully. Here you will find all the important information related to the accounting schools. Also, today we’ll discuss how to become an accountant and how much you’ll earn by that.

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Moving ahead with accountancy, first understand what is an accountant. An accountant is a person who keeps all the records of business transactions in an organization. He is responsible for financial statements and the proper management of assets. The average salary of an accountant varies from $91k to $52k.

How to become an Accountant

#Step1: Obtain a professional degree

For becoming a certified professional accountant, you must have at least a bachelors’ degree.

#Step2: Specialize in one Subject

All the accountants and CPAs specialize at least in one area of practice.

#Step3: Pass CPA exam

You have to pass four exams of the CPA—

  • Audit and attestation
  • Financial Accounting and Reporting
  • Regulation
  • Business Environment and Concepts

As CPA exams are hard, some students take help from online tutoring websites like Homework Minutes, Call Tutor, All Assignment Help.

#Step4: Get an Accounting Job

After graduating from the best accounting schools, you should try to take an internship for a better practical understanding of work culture.

List of Best Accounting Schools in the World

The following list contains the best accounting schools in the World. So let’s discuss their details in-depth.

London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)

Being one of the best accounting schools, it offers excellent academic and innovations. Besides this, it helps students to face real-world issues related to economics, accounting, business, and so on. Moreover, students from 160 countries are a part of the school.

Graduation Rate: 91.3%

Location: London, UK

Acceptance Rate: 9%

Tuition Fee: 9,250 GBP for Locals & 18,408 for Internationals

University of Pennsylvania

It is a private Ivy League school in Philadelphia. Further, it offers a world-class knowledge of accounting. Moreover, learning to account in this school includes predictive analysis and basic programming. 

Graduation Rate: 96%

Location: Philadelphia, US

Acceptance Rate: 9%

Tuition Fee: $55k

New York University

NYU is one of the oldest and best accounting schools since 1831. Also, it has additional campuses in Abu Dhabi and Shanghai. The University is also famous for its master’s program in Data Science. So you can learn accounting and analytics. Here students also gain accounting principles to pass the CPA exam.

Graduation Rate: 85%

Location: New York, US

Acceptance Rate: 32%

Tuition Fee: $53k

National University of Singapore

For directly entering into the professional stage of accounting in Shanghai, this is one of the best accounting schools. Formerly it was famous for medical degrees. But from 2007, the school started BBA accounting programs. 

Graduation Rate: N/A

Location: Singapore

Acceptance Rate: 25%

Tuition Fee: $31k

Indiana University

Although the university is in Indiana,  undergraduate programs of this university are considered best in all over the World. Also, for preparing students in world business, the university offers industry-specific communication courses.

Graduation Rate: 78%

Location: Bloomington, Indiana

Acceptance Rate: 79%

Tuition Fee: $11k

University of Toronto

The University of Toronto is a private research university and has the best accounting schools. Thus it gives students a chance to learn key accounting skills. Besides this, students can learn important skills, which will help them to make a better career like decision making, communication, and analysis expertise.

Graduation Rate: 77%

Location: Toronto, Canada

Acceptance Rate: 60%

Tuition Fee: 6,590 CAD for Locals & 45,690 for Internationals

Hong Kong University of Science & Technology

It has the best accounting schools in Hong kong. Following other world-class institutes, it offers a four year BBA program in accounting. Thus students can understand business and management programs that are taught here.

Graduation Rate: N/A

Location: Hong Kong

Acceptance Rate: 35%

Tuition Fee: 42,100 HKD for Locals & 140,000 HKD for Internationals

Tsinghua University

The university is one of the major research universities and a part of the C9 League of Chinese Universities. Moreover, it has one of the best accounting schools, like Schools of Economics and Management. 

Graduation Rate: 75%

Location: Beijing, China

Acceptance Rate: 83%

Tuition Fee: $8K 

University of Manchester

Being one of the best schools for accounting, it is also famous for Data Science & Technology. Also, the accounting program has a high standard of teaching. Here students get a chance to spend an additional year in the internship.

Graduation Rate: 64%

Location: Manchester, UK

Acceptance Rate: 59%

Tuition Fee: 9,250 GBP for Locals & 21,000 for Internationals

University of Sydney

The University of Sydney is considered as one of the best accounting schools in the World. This institute plays a vital role in educating students on all the basic financial accounting principles. Enrolling in this school can be a lifelong opportunity for students who want to specialize in data analysis.

Graduation Rate: 88%

Location: Australia

Acceptance Rate: 30%

Tuition Fee: 36,000 AUD for Locals & 57,000 AUD for Internationals

Hoping the schools and universities, as mentioned above, will help you to get a degree in accounting. Stay tuned for more information related to other professions. Good luck in the future!