15 Websites That Will Improve Your Learning

To improve your learning, you need to figure out ways to expand your intelligence. As Albert Einstein said, “Intellectual growth should commence at birth and cease only at death.” learning is the only way to improve your life. 

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There are different ways to improve your learning, but one of them is self-learning. Self-learning has the power to improve your everyday life. All you have to do is access online learning resources from anywhere across the globe. These online resources will help you in enhancing your learning. That is why, in today’s world, most students believe that online learning is way better than classroom learning. Check the following demographic to understand it better: 

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Best 15 Websites That Will Improve Your Learning

Your life will change if you’ll start learning from the powerful online resources we will talk about. Let’s move ahead to see what these websites can improve your learning and make you smarter.

1. Smarterer 

Are you a programmer? Or an Excel expert? If you want to test your skills, then there is nothing better than Smatterer. It is the best medium through which you can show employers that you have particular skills. Test your skills on Smatterer, get a qualification certificate, and grab your dream job. 

2. BBC-Future

BBC-Future is a smarter website to improve your everyday learning. It is not limited to a particular topic or subject. You can learn anything on this website, like Psychology, Science, Social Trends, and much more. Through evidence-based analysis of BBC-Future, you’ll get to know the hidden social stories to understand your surrounding well. 

3. Pocket Explore

If you want to discover the best trending stories on the web, then check out Pocket Explore. It is a useful website for those who love to read articles, watch trendy videos for enjoyment. The best feature is that once you save something on Pocket Explore, the content list is available on any device. 

4. University Webinar

Do you like watching TED Talks? This website is like TED Talks of Universities, where you can watch any video, seminar, speeches, lectures, and much more. There are various innovative training or courses that you’ll love to learn. So try this website for enhancing your skills. 

5. Memrise

If you are planning to learn a new language, try the Memrise website. It is the fastest way to learn any language through real-life learning. Forget textbooks; try real-life learning through a smart learning engine. 

6. Wikiwand

“Modern problems need modern solutions” that is why Wikiwand is a modern version of Wikipedia. Wikipedia is the greatest curator of human knowledge. Thus if you are too a Wikipedia fan, then you must try this website. 

7. Project Gutenberg

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, most of us cannot go library like we used to go before. Project Gutenberg is a website that offers you free eBooks. It is like an online library. To learn anything while sitting home and save the world by breaking the COVID-19 chain. 

8. Homework Minutes

Are you facing difficulties in writing assignments all day long? Homework Minutes provides easy solutions to your problems. You can order online assignment help from this website whenever you want. This website offers learning solutions through assignment help.  

9. Udacity

Want to learn real employable skills? Udacity is a popular website designed to teach high impact skills that your employer wants. You can ask your queries round the clock. Their services are 24*7 open. So make most of your learning experience through Udacity.

10. Creative Live

Creative Live website promotes learning through live streaming of classes. These aren’t ordinary classes, but they will give you real practical knowledge of using your skills. If you want to learn problem-solving skills, boost your creativity, or learn something out of the box, then you must try this website.

11. Open Sesame

This website is mainly for employees, not college students, although college students can use it for their internships. Open Sesame is an online website that makes corporate managing programs easy to learn. It contains 20,000+ courses for a variety of students. Thus enhance your corporate skills and become a hero in your organization. 

12. Coursera

Through Coursera, get ready for a career ride. Learn new skills and get a certificate for those courses. Leading universities or colleges provide these certificates. For employees who need promotion or want raise, this website can be a boon. 

13. Drawspace

Do you want to enhance your creativity or like to draw? Then Drawspace is the website for you. It is designed to help people of all ages, whether you are old or young, just draw. Let your creativity come out, rise, and shine. 

14. UnplugTheTV

Id watching TV all day long your guilty pleasure? Don’t worry. This website will help you. If you are sick of paying TV bills, Unplug The TV and get the hottest streaming service from this website. Learn something new every day. 

15. Future Learn

Find the best online courses from top universities and specialist organizations at Future Learn. Develop your career, or pursue your hobbies with flexible online courses. Learn professional courses with millions of people across the globe. 

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