10 Highest Paying Bachelor Degrees for Students

A bachelor’s degree prepares graduates for getting jobs in various fields. Thus, there is a need to know which highest paying bachelor degrees are. Graduates can also apply for various programs to get more training. In the Bachelor’s degrees, students take general courses and specific educational programs. These programs may or may not help them to get a job.

 Some fields like technology, business, and so on provide the highest paying jobs. Since graduates in these fields developers, scientists, managers, they ought to earn more. The Bachelor’s degrees have some least education requirements. Here we will be discussing several highest paying bachelor degrees to help students.

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Which are highest paying bachelor degrees

The following are some highest paying bachelor degrees:

Chief Executives

 The primary role of the chief executive is to set the goal for companies in various industries. Chief executives have to manage companies’ operations, install, and create policies. You can earn up to $189,600 and more.

 Required Degree:

  • Bachelor degree in Public Administration
  • Bachelor degree in Business Administration,
  • Bachelor in Management

Best College: Capella University


Computer and Information System Managers


Computer and information system managers are also known as IT Managers. Above all, the leading role is to maintain computer hardware and software. Besides this, they also have to oversee the security of the organizations. The salary of IT managers is around $142,500.


Required Degree:

  • Bachelor in Information Technology,
  • Bachelor in Computer Science,
  • Bachelor in Management Information Systems

Best College: Colorado Christian University

Architectural and Engineering Managers

They have to oversee activities for architectural and engineering companies. The main aim is to create plans for new products and designs, determine staff and equipment needs. Moreover, you can earn approximately $140,760.


Required Degree:

  • Bachelors in Architecture,
  • Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering,
  • Bachelor in Electrical Engineering,
  • Bachelor in Engineering Management

Best College: Western Governors University

Airline Pilots and Flight Engineers

The primary role of flight engineers and pilots is to operate the plane during takeoff, flight, and landing. Besides, they also have to check plane conditioning and track weather conditions. Airline pilots and flight engineers’ average salary is around $140,340.


Required Degree:

  • Bachelor in Air Traffic Management,
  • Bachelor in Aviation Maintenance,
  • Bachelor in Aeronautical Science

Best College: American Public University, Bryan University

Petroleum Engineering


Even though oils and natural gases are non-renewable resources, they are still in high demand. The petroleum engineers have to create and use oil extracting equipment. Along with this, they have to develop new methods to remove gases or oils. You can earn up to $132,280 as a petroleum engineer.


Required Degree:

  • Bachelor in Applied Science in Energy Management,
  • Bachelor in Petroleum Engineering,
  • Bachelor in Chemical Engineering

Best College: Bismarck State College

Marketing Manager 

The primary role of the managers includes developing strategies, retailing, and other businesses. Besides this, they have to create pricing strategies based on their analysis. The salary of marketing managers is around $134,290.


Required Degree:

  • Bachelor in Marketing,
  • Bachelor in Marketing Management,
  • Bachelor in Business Administration,
  • Bachelor of Science in Digital Marketing

Best college: Full Sail University

Financial Manager

More significant organizations need bigger plans to coordinate and organize their finances. Thus financial managers have to create financial reports, develop long-term plans. Along with this, they have to set financial goals and direct investment strategies. Through this job, you can earn around $127,990.


Required Degree:

  • Bachelor in Financial Management,
  • Bachelor in Finance,
  • Bachelor in Accounting,
  • Bachelor in Economics,
  • Bachelor in Business Administration


Best College: Grand Canyon University

Sales Manager

The central role of the sales manager is to hire, train, and oversee a capable group. Besides this, the sales manager has to create budgets, approve the expenditure, and analyze profit. The sales manager can earn up to $124,220.


Required Degree:

  • Bachelor in Sales Management,
  • Bachelor in Management,
  • Bachelor in Organizational Leadership

Best College: Colorado Christian University

Aerospace Engineers

These engineers are responsible for developing innovations in this field. Since they work on planes, spacecraft, and missile systems. So they are essential for national defense. These aerospace engineers earn around $115220.


Required Degree:

  • Bachelor in Aeronautics,
  • Bachelor in Aerospace Physiology,
  • Bachelor in Physics,
  • Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering

Best College: American Public University

Nuclear Engineers

Some industries need these engineers to design nuclear energy and radiation process. The primary responsibility is to identify industrial and medical uses for radioactive materials. These engineers earn up to $107,600.


Required Degree:

  • Bachelor of Nuclear Engineering

Best College: Excelsior College


Thus these were some highest paying bachelor degrees. Hoping the details may help students to plan their future courses and colleges.