10 Best Colleges for Teaching Degrees in 2020

A teaching degree is not only for teaching but also a calling to serve others. Teachers are responsible for educating the next generation of leaders. If you also believe that education has the power to change your lives, then opt for teaching. Now the question is how you will become a teacher? Well, here are some best colleges for teaching degrees.

A top-notch teacher should be well skilled. Thus you should choose the best colleges for teaching degrees. These colleges have dedicated entire departments to the subject of teaching. So let’s check these colleges and universities. 

List of Best Colleges for Teaching Degrees

In a survey in 2019, these colleges receive most votes from top administration. These colleges and universities have the main focus on undergraduate level programs. The list of 10 best colleges for teaching degrees is as follow:

Purdue University

It is one of the top colleges in Indiana. The college offers 17 bachelor’s programs in teaching. Moreover, all these programs lead to licensed teaching in Indiana. Apart from this, Purdue’s College of Education provides special, elementary, and social education. These courses take a year to complete. Candidates can opt for teaching in various fields.

Heritage University

It is one of the best colleges for teaching degrees. It not only prepares you to be a teacher but also provides paths to inspire others for the same profession. Here you will learn about classroom management as well as the psychology of students. Also, the college teaches which method is most useful for different types of learners. The college provides two bachelors in education programs.

University of Washington

UW’s College of Education is ranked number 9 among the top 10 colleges of the nation. Based in Seattle, UW prepares its educators to teach outside the traditional classroom. The college also offers three bachelor’s programs and two master’s programs in education. Also, it provides several programs in organizations and communities. The college also offers internships in various fields like advocacy, development, and community.

Berea College

It is a private liberal arts college based in Kentucky. The college provides Tuition Promise Scholarships. The scholarships cover all the tuition expenses of the students for undergraduate education. The college has bachelor’s programs in education. These programs offer certification in elementary school, middle-grade science, and middle-grade mathematics.

The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

The University is known for its best colleges for teaching degrees. Moreover, the college also offers a bachelor of science in elementary education. The college formulates policies related to the knowledge of future educators. There are six colleges and two schools in the University. Apart from this, the University offers degree programs in teachers, school support personnel.  

University of California-Irvine

It is one of the best colleges for teaching degrees. It enables students to receive their teaching degree in either one subject or many. The University has adopted different styles of teaching. It gives opportunities to work with faculty who conduct educational research. Besides this, students get the chance to explore inside and outside of the classroom.

University of Michigan-Dearborn

UM offers both standard and professional teaching certificates for five years. The certificates offered with unlimited renewals. The renewal can be requested at any time after the end year. There are various programs for post-graduation degree in initial teacher certification. All candidates are mandatory to complete a three-credit capstone course.

Michigan State University

MSU offers undergraduate study in teacher preparation and a minor in educational studies. The programs prepare students for careers in secondary, elementary, and special education. Along with this, students in the Department of Kinesiology studies human movement. It prepares them for future study and careers in a wide range of fields. 

Oklahoma State University

 It is a significant public research college based in Stillwater. OSU gives opportunities for experimental learning and student teaching. Those who want to teach 1-8 grade students can apply to the college. The University prepares students to teach all subjects, including maths, science, languages, and so on. OSU develops educators who enrich the quality of teaching in various educational institutes. 

Florida Atlantic University

The University has the department of teaching and learning for teaching programs. Moreover, they have a broader range of under graduation programs than other colleges. The laboratory here adds valuable practical experience and research access to students’ learning. The University offers satellite campuses throughout Florida. There are also two teaching bachelor’s degrees in education.  

Thus the above list contains some top-ranked colleges for a teaching degree. Hoping the information might help you to plan your degree and programs.