10 Best Colleges for Psychology in the United States

Psychology is the study of mental operations and human behavior. Studying psychology is essential to understand human behavior and mental processes. It is generally applicable to our daily lives. It helps people by explaining why people act the way they do. Thus, psychology is an essential branch of science. That is why we have compiled a list of best colleges for psychology. Here we will be discussing them in brief.

Since the whole world is facing pandemic disease COVID-19, so it is recommended to opt for online degrees and programs. For that, you should also check the best online colleges and universities which can help you in the psychology program.

A career in psychology has various trajectories. For example, students who opt for psychology can become family counselors, researchers, and much more. Students with bachelor degrees can become government agents, professors, psychologists in businesses, and so on. So consider applying for a degree in psychology program and check the best colleges for psychology. Start your journey and make a difference in people’s lives.

List of Best Colleges for Psychology in 2020

The following mentioned is the list of best colleges for psychology in the United States.

Stanford University

It is a private university located in the San Francisco Bay Area. Alumni reported earning with the starting salary of $70,400. According to the U.S. Department of Education, it is the best college for psychology as well as environmental science in America. The average cost for national students is $15,523 per year.

Application fee: $90

Yale University

Yale is the best University for research-based programs and liberal art colleges. Thus, it is widely famous for its innovations. Along with this, it has one of the best colleges for psychology. They believe that no students should decline from the class due to financial aids. So here, students get 100% financial aid without loans. The acceptance rate is 6%.

Application fee: $80

Harvard University

If you want to learn at an elite university, then you should opt for Harvard University. It is a private university located in Cambridge, in the Boston Area. The acceptance rate is 5%, so admissions are extremely competitive. It is one of the hardest colleges to get admission to America. Other majors are political science and biology.

Admission fee: $75

Sewanee- The University of the South

It is one of the best colleges for psychology and liberal arts in Tennessee. Sewanee enrolls around 1,700 undergraduates. Yet, it ranks 10th among the best colleges for Christian in America. The University aims to build a sense of community. There is no application fee. Thus it scores 16th rank for the best colleges with no application fee in America.

Application fee: 0

Vanderbilt University

Located in the heart of Nashville, it offers incredible campus life and excellent academic support. The University attracts a wide range of urban students around the world. Here students experience interdisciplinary research and experimental learning. According to the U.S. Department of Education, it is the best college for education in America. The acceptance rate is 10%.

Application fee: $50

Rice University

Rice University is in the heart of Houston. The University offers vibrant college campus and research opportunities which attract talented students across the world. Also, it is ranked number #1 among the best colleges for sports management in America. Yet the acceptance rate is 11%.

Application fee: $75

Princeton University

Likewise, Harvard University, Princeton is also an elite University, located in New Jersey. Since Princeton’s acceptance rate is only 5%, the competition level is high. Alumni reported beginning their earning with $60,800. After psychology, the University is best known for its political science.

Application fee: $70

Washington University in St. Louis

The University enables students to succeed as a professional and as a person. Students can work with them on the side by side projects. Since there are 380 clubs, the University allows you to have fun with your friends and seniors. The University believes that financial aid should not be a barrier for students. Thus they offer 100% financial aid. The acceptance rate is 15%.

Application fee: $75

University of Chicago

It is a private university located on the shores of Lake Michigan, Chicago. It has immense contribution in shaping higher education and the intellectual lives of students. The U.S. Department of Education ranked the university #3 as the best college for public policy in America. The acceptance rate is 7%.

Admission fee: $75

Duke University

Located in Durham, North Carolina, the University is elite and private. The admission acceptance rate is only 9%. Alumni reported beginning earning with $76,300. The University has number #1 ranking in athletes in America. The net price for national students is $15,523 per year.

Admission fee: $85

Thus, the above-mentioned is the list of best colleges for psychology. You must check the list if you want to make a career in psychology.