10 Best Aviation Colleges in the World

Have you always dreamt of touring the skies on your airplane? – Don’t keep dreaming. Become a commercial or professional pilot by seeking admission to one of the best aviation colleges in the world. With dire desire and proper education, you’ll be able to fulfill your dream of flying your airplane high up in the sky. By getting a degree from an accredited aviation college, you can not only get your way into works like researching in the jet propulsion lab. So, here is a list of 10 best aviation colleges to help you become a professional pilot.  Get started to fulfill your dreams of touring across the national and international destinations. 


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Top 10 Aviation Colleges  

Purdue University Aviation College


Location: West Lafayette, Indiana

  • World’s prestigious aviation college
  • Key alumni:- Neil Armstrong (the first man to step on the moon)
  • Also known as ‘Cradle of Astronauts’

Degree Programs: Degrees are available in:-

  • aeronautical engineering technology
  • air traffic control, aviation management
  • professional flight technology


Tuition Fee: $10,000 for natives and $28,000 for international 


University of North Dakota


Location: Grand Forks, North Dakota

  • The owner of this aviation college is John D. Odegard.
  • The university provides expert guidance without burdening students with the astronomical tuition fees.

Degree Program: Offers undergraduate, graduate, and master’s degree in:-

  • airport management
  • aviation management
  • air traffic control
  • aviation technology management

Tuition Fee: $8,447 for the natives and $20,047 for international


Ohio State University Aviation College


Location: Columbus, Ohio

  • Ohio State University is one of the top aviation colleges in the United States of America.
  • OSU has an Engineering’s Center for Aviation Studies, which is best known in the world.

Degree Program: Offers both undergraduate and graduate aviation degree programs in aviation.


Tuition Fee: $4,223 for the natives and $10,023 for the international 


Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University College of Aviation


Location: 3 campuses; one at Daytona Beach, Florida

  • ERAUCA is the only aviation college that offers the doctorate in aviation
  • This is one of the best aviation colleges named after IVY League colleges called Harvard of the skies.


Degree Program: Offers over 60-degree programs in:

  • aeronautical science
  • aeronautical and aerospace engineering
  • global security & intelligence
  • air traffic control
  • business administration

Tuition Fee: The tuition fee for ERAUCA ranges from $48,992 to $50,570.

Western Michigan University Aviation College


Location: Kalamazoo, Michigan

  • One of the best aviation colleges in the US
  • The college’s vision is to establish an advanced training fleet with equipment available in collegiate aviation.
  • It produces graduates who think, communicate, and take part in the dynamic field of aviation.

Degree Program: Offers degree programs in:-

  • aviation management
  • aviation flight science
  • aviation maintenance

Tuition Fee: $10,000 for the natives and $24,000 for the international 

San Jose State University College of Aviation


Location: San Jose, California

  • The aviation department of the college falls back in 1936 after the request of maths students to an airplane, 

Degree Program: The aviation college offers two bachelor’s programs:-

  • a bachelor of science in aviation degree
  • bachelor of science in industrial technology

It covers fields such as maintenance management, aviation management, and professional flights.


Tuition Fee: $270 per unit or credits the fees for graduate professional business school 


Academy College


Location: Bloomington, MN


  • Academy College is another top aviation college founded in 1936
  • The prime curriculum of the college is to equip students with the right skills and knowledge to become a successful pilot.
  • The courses taught in the university are FAA approved.
  • What makes this the best aviation college is that professional pilots give the lectures.
  • The programs give students exposure to create relationships with the industry professional.


Degree Program: Offers courses in:-

  • associate of Applied Science in the aviation business
  • a certificate program in professional pilot
  • a resident and correspondence program in-plane dispatch


Hallmark University


Location: San Antonio, Texas

  • It is another top aviation college, found in 1969 as a private career school.


  • Federal Aviation Administration certifies it as an Aviation Maintenance Technician School.

Degree Program:  The university offers both associate and diploma programs. 


Diploma Programs:-

  • aviation technician
  • airframe technician
  • power plant technician

Associate Programs

  • applied science degree programs in aviation
  • airframe technology or power plant technology

Spartan College of Aeronautics and Technology


Location: Tulsa, Ok

  • Established in 1928, Spartan College of Aeronautics and Technology is one of the best colleges for aviation.
  • The college has trained over 100,000 pilots and technicians.

Degree Program:  The top aviation college provides associate, bachelor’s degrees, and diploma programs. 


Diploma:- Offers programs in:-

  • avionics maintenance technology
  • non-destructive testing diploma programs
  • avionics maintenance technology
  • quality control and professional pilot degree
  • aviation management

Associate:- Offers programs in avionics, quality control, and flight programs.

Rio Salado College


Location: Tempe, Arizona, USA


  • Rio Salado College provides advanced training to the aspirants who want to work in the airline industry.

Degree Program: The college offers certificate programs in several areas such as:-

  • airline operations (including Reservations and Ticketing Services)
  • passenger services
  • ground operations