10 Best Art Schools In the US

Are you an art enthusiast seeking a professional degree to settle in a good art studio or so? In this guide, we’ve researched the ten best art schools for you in the United States. If you want to adopt new fine arts skills and learn the art from the best faculty, getting admission to top MFA colleges should be your goal. More so, the high ranking MFA colleges will also back you up on the placement front. You’ll get settled with a good job in hand for all the years you’ve put in to learn the art. So, go through these ten best art schools in the U.S. based on the account tuition fees, admission rates, and faculty. 

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Yale University

Location – New Haven, Connecticut

Annual Tuition Fees – $36, 359 

Main Programs – Painting and Printmaking, photography, and Sculpture 

Yale is one of the most prestigious and academic institutions in America. Being a top MFA college in every ranking, it is the priority of all the art enthusiasts. Despite the rush of artists seeking admission in different courses, you can still find your way into the campus. The alumni ranks of famous artists from the college include Eva Hesse, Richard Serra, etc.

Rutgers University 

Location – New Brunswick, New Jersey 

Annual Tuition Fees – $19, 216 (for natives)

                                    $28, 800 (for non-natives)

Main programs – Painting and Drawing 

Rutgers university is one of the renowned state universities known for its visual and performing arts programs since the 1970s. The program’s popularity extends even today with Kara Walker as the chairperson and art alums like Joan Snyder and Pope. L. More so, the perks of this college are the thesis exhibition held every year in New York City and a show in New Jersey. 

Bard College 

Location – Annandale -on – Hudson, New York 

Annual Tuition – $21, 919

Main programs – Painting, Sculpture; Film and Video 

Bard’s campus lies on over 500 acres of land over the historic riverside estates. The campus of Bard has its basis on the Edith Wharton-inspired fantasy. The professors teaching in the college are influential artists like Adam Pendleton and Emily Jacir. 

Maryland Institute College of Art

Location – Baltimore, Maryland 

Annual Tuition – $45, 290 

Main Programs – Painting, Sculpture, Photographic and electronic media

MICA, founded in 1826, is one of the oldest art colleges in the U.S. MICA had been listed by the chronicle of higher education as one of the nation’s top producers of Fulbright Fellows among specialty schools, and the institution counts artists like Jeff Koons, Lesley Dill, and Broad City’s amongst its former students. Courses of study in the college include Community Arts. The college study is focussed on “art practice as a means of civic empowerment, community organizing and development, activism, education, and more.” Other major courses include filmmaking, graphic design, and a low-residency summer program for studio art. 

 Virginia Commonwealth University

Location – Richmond, Virginia

Annual Tuition – $15, 483 (resident)

                          $28, 164 (non -resident)

Main programs – Sculpture, Glass, Graphic Design, etc 

According to the U.S. News & World Report, “VCU among the top two public university art schools,” known for its huge sculpture and extended media program. 

 Cranbrook Academy of Art 

Location – Bloomfield Hills, Michigan 

Annual Tuition – $35,406

Main programs – Fiber, ceramics, print media, etc 

Previously MICA is the oldest continuously degree-granting college of art in the U.S. The chronicle of higher education listed MICA as one of the nation’s top producers of Fulbright fellows among specialty schools, and the institution counts artists like Jeff Koons. The main course of study includes community arts – focused on “art practice as a means of civic empowerment, community organizing and development, activism, education, and more.” Also, you can study filmmaking, graphic design, etc. 

 California Institute of the Arts 

Location – Valencia, California 

Annual Tuition – $46, 830 

Main programs – Film and VIDEO; Photography and Media; Art; Art and Technology 

CalArts is the first higher-education institution that combines visual and performing arts, founded by Walt Disney in 1961 by the Chouinard Art Institute and the Los Angeles Conservatory of music. The main alumni include Ross Bleckner, Mark Bradford, and Mike Kelley. 

 Hunter College, City University of NewYork 

Location – New York, New York 

Annual Tuition – $6,556 – $7,832 (native)

                          $11,882 – $14,040 (non-native)

Main Programs – Studio Art

(MFA includes concentrations in painting, photography, clay, and casting, printmaking, etc.)

Hunter college is a state school offering MFA. The college is located in central Manhattan but asks for half the price of most other MFA programs. The grad students in the college take 6 – 9 credit hours a semester. Also, it gives them time to hold part-time jobs with their studies. The top alumni of the college are Andrea Blum, Carrie Moyer, and Nari Ward. 

 Massachusetts Institute of Technology 

Location – Cambridge, Massachusetts 

Annual Tuition – $48,452

Main programs – Art, Culture and Technology 

MIT was created in 2009, MIT’s program in art, culture, and technology. The college merges the school’s visual arts program and the center for advanced visual studies. ACT’s graduate program admits six students per year and focuses on artistic practices that combine visual studies and experimentation, offering artists opportunities to work in MIT labs. 

School of the Art Institute of Chicago 

Location – Chicago, Illinois 

Annual Tuition – $48, 750 

Main programs – Painting and drawing; film, video, new media, and animation, etc 

SAIC counts in the top three art schools in the U.S. for its faculty, including artists like Michelle Grabner, Nick Cave, and Eduardo Kac. It’s a museum school with artist studios and work facilities located both within the institute and directly across the street. Notable alumni of the college are Chicago Imagists, Georgia O’Keeffe, Nancy Spero, and Kanye West. 

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